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this is my new ring.

this is my new ring. It’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen on my fingers… Except mine doesn’t have the band around the edges so it’s narrower. The pattern is the eternity triskele. “The number 3 to the Celts represented eternity and the soul, It was also the most magical and lucky number. Celtic artifacts that incorporate patterns of three are referred to as Triskeles. The knotwork, typical of Celtic design represented the journey of the soul through the continuum. This running triskele design is common on the borders of standing crosses and stones, as well as the ancient Celtic manuscripts of the La Tene period to the Golden age 300 AD to 850 A.D. This Triskele design is found on the Rossie-Priory Stone. The two triskele patterns represent two souls as one, linked eternally.”
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It’s a cold morning, the

It’s a cold morning, the wind that blows through the window in the bedroom makes it hard to get up. You can feel it across your nose and your warm legs and arms clutch tighter at the blankets silently screaming “no – I will not leave this place”. The act of getting up is stretched out a traditionally delicious five minutes longer than normal before sprinting to the relative warmth of a bathrobe. And then, huddled in front of the kitchen counter as beans grind and water boils for coffee, you look out the window and realize that the news has lied to you. There is no promised snow. No white drifts, not even white -turning – brown – slush covers the back alley. The sky shows pink clouds which will turn to blue or perhaps white during the daytime, and it’s a crisp, clear -4 C. Feeling used and realizing that work today will continue as normal, you switch on the weather channel to recieve their apologies for what hasn’t happened. They don’t care that you’re homesick for snow, that part of you is missing without a real winter to reset your annual clocks. All they talk about is the snowfall warning for Victoria …. Victoria? Since when do they get snow? Grrr…..