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being a tourist at home….

Andrew (who comments here occasionally) has friends visiting from Australia and we all spent the weekend up in Manning Park. On the way back we stopped off in Harrison with Allister and Anita for lunch and a walk around the area. Allister took tons of pictures, here’s one of Cory, Anita, and I looking out over Harrison Lake.

It’s great when people come to visit from out of town because it gives us the chance to see all the touristy things we don’t normally get to do. Andrew organized for us all to go up to Grouse for nachos and beer Friday night which supplied some amazing views of the city. Then Saturday we headed up to Manning and stayed in the cabins there (drunken photos not supplied). Sunday, Cory and I drove Anita and Allister home via Harrison, Avenue 0, and Steveston (causing Andrew to leave messages on our machine wondering why we’d kidnapped his friends. It was a great weekend. (photos courtesy of Allister).

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Cultus Lake

You know those beach resorts of your childhood? Where there’s the big gritty man-made beach with endless concessions and stores selling overpriced T-shirts and sunscreen? We had in our head that Cultus Lake would be like that, we brought footballs and volleyballs and frisbees in expectations of finding big grassy areas to play endless games in. Cultus Lake was not like that. There was a thin narrow strip of shoreline and a lake filled with motorboats and jetskis. There was no park at the water’s edge, although there was a small park at the south end of the lake which was unusable this weekend due to a strong cold north wind blowing down the lake. Cultus Lake is a motorsport haven, and not somewhere (although with an idyllic setting) we will want to return to. I’m sure my view of the area was influenced by the rain which fell all Friday night and kept us in the tent until 10am, but even in perfect weather, I doubt I would be any more captivated. update: Phil’s passed on a couple of pictures he took over the weekend and I’m going to post a couple.

I’m still feeling a bit sick, so we came home Saturday night and had yesterday to relax. Cory and I flew the kite yesterday down at Steveston and then played a quick round at Mylara G.C. in Richmond. It was a beautiful, relaxing day and I’m glad I got a good night sleep last night so that I’m mostly functional today. My head is still pounding, but I’d hate to see how I’d feel if we hadn’t had such a relaxing perfect day yesterday.

We also broke the camera yesterday, I’d left it on the bed and Cory came in and swept it up with all his clothes that were there and threw everything on the floor. The loud smashing noise alerted us that maybe there was a problem. So far the only part that seems to be broken is the battery cover, no big deal, at worst that can be fixed with duct tape. I’m still going to take it in at lunch time though and get it checked throughly. I think it’ll be okay, but I am a bit worried about it. I’ve gone a lot of places with that camera and taken a lot of favourite pictures with it, I’ll be sad if it needs to be replaced.

I’m working at home today, I have a deadline on Friday to get a rough draft of a paper out for the conference in New Zealand. There’s definately advantages to working at home, I do think I work a lot harder without the distractions of other people and I like not having the commute. It’s going to be a busy week too… I’d best get working.
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