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a weekend in pictures

We spent the weekend in robert’s creek, our favourite vacation spot in this part of the world, just relaxing and hanging out. We played eleven holes of golf Saturday morning, which was our most stressful activity, and then travelled via the beach to Sechelt to look around the stores. Sue and I ended up spending too much time and money in a local quilt store, neither of the guys were too thrilled with that. There’s something about stores full of material and yarn that drives men absolutely batty. It’s not like it’s a lingerie store, or a female health products store, I don’t understand how racks of fabric can provoke that type of reaction, but it does, and Cory and Jim waited for us grumbling on a bench outside. Personally, I’m excited by the potential of all this new fabric. With the wedding coming up I think I’m going to be super busy, but I’ll also be stressed and there’s nothing more relaxing than hand quilting, the very nature of it forces you to slow down.

Speaking of weddings, an old friend just send me a link to his wedding pictures. These are some of the most beautiful wedding pics I’ve ever seen so I thought I’d share them. Cory and I aren’t planning to get professional photos like this – it’s too much money for us – but seeing these I am a teeny bit jealous.
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Observed this morning:

there’s always a few that refuse to follow the rules in their best interest.
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the first picture with the camera

I am still fine tuning things but I could not wait to get a picture up. Things are getting easier but there is still a lot to learn. Here is a close up of trish’s new ring.
– – Cory
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still in the box…. can’t wait until he gets home

and here it is. I’m still a bit tempted by the Nikon CoolPix5000 but their ads annoy me. We have 14 days to exchange it if we wanted .. which is the only reason I wasn’t in the store for another two hours.

Because it’s the 21st Century

We’ve decided that Cory needs to get an engagement present too – after all, I have money and it seems weird that it only goes one way. We’re scaling the amount of the gifts to our salaries so I get to pay a bit less (grad student compared to engineer, yes there is a bit of a difference) but it’s still going to be an awesome special treat. I think we’re going to buy it tonight, (it’s a secret), and we’ll post about it when we get back.


A lot of people have asked how we got engaged… it was very real, not spur-of-the-moment-romantic, but serious, because it’s a huge decision. We talked about it on Saturday and I suggested waiting until Sunday to decide because we were both exhausted. On Sunday morning, over a cup of Starbucks coffee he asked me to marry him, I said yes, we kissed, and went and bought the bike. It then slowly sunk in all day that this had actually happened, that the man I love more than anything is now the man I am going to marry. There’s no date set yet, no plans, we’re just really enjoying this stage of life. Thank you all for sending you congratulations and kind words, it means a lot to be able to share this.

Start of an Era

Not the end but a start.

I know it is my first post in numerous fortnight but special news is here. Trish said she would marry me. We are both very excited and hope you all are excited for us.
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New Pics:

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Robert’s Creek — again

there’s a couple new pics up, here on the main page and then in the who are we section. I just looked through the pictures from friday night now, and I’m looking pretty rough in about 90% of them. C and I were drinking whiskey all night, and I think it took it’s toll. Since I haven’t posted for so long, this will be kinda fragmented. I want to tell you about our wonderful weekend, and then talk about how lucky C and I are to know such great people.

this weekend turned out to be lovely, we staggered out the door saturday morning and caught the 10:15 ferry up to Roberts Creek, we go there often. When we got up to the campground, I actually napped for a couple hours (we had a total of about *five* hours sleep on Friday night, even without the alcohol, that is not enough for me) lying in my sleeping bag looking up at the sky and the trees overhead. When I woke up, the world seemed a much happier place – and cory had brought me pita and hummous to snack on – lucky me! I took some pictures and hopefully they’ll show how gorgeous the world looked from my prone position, but I suspect they wont capture how truely lovely it was.

Anita and Allister made it over on the 4pm ferry and we spent the rest of the afternoon down at the beach just watching the water and enjoying the sun. While we were at the Robert’s Creek pier which stretches out into the ocean, we saw a family of ducks making their way offshore. While we watched, an eagle swooped down from a tree and picked up one of the baby ducklings while the mother panicked and cried indignant. It was surreal and sad all at once, a nature documentary before our eyes, with a tugboat struggling to pull a load of logs in the background.

We had dinner at the Old Boot Eatery in Sechelt, and then watched the sun set down at another beach. Al took 24 pictures of the sunset, when they get back on Wednesday we’ll be able to put some of them up. Just before it got completely dark, we ran back up to the campground and lit a small fire (the wood was wet), roasted marshmellows, and created some digital art (again, can’t wait to show you the pictures). It was so super, I’m not normally a campfire person because it normally involves drinking and I hate drinking when camping (okay, so it’s really just getting up to pee in the night that I hate), but Saturday night was the best camping night I’ve had in ages.

Sunday we all woke relieved to find that we didn’t have hangovers any more. It was threatening rain, it’d spit a bit on us and then clear up, but since we’d planned to walk through the trees at Cliff Gilker park, rain wasn’t a problem. We took A&A to Crappy Tire where they got their first Canadian Tire money, and then just kinda hung out all morning. The whole weekend just seemed magical, after a slow start, it blossomed into a quiet and sweet time spent with people I care about in a world that seemed more beautiful than normal. Maybe it was because my body felt so fragile after friday night, perhaps that made me stop and look around more, but the world is a fantastic place.

It’s so strange to meet these people who live half the world away and realize that we’re actually the same type of people. There’s no culture shock, just accents, and I know that if they lived close we’d be hanging out with them all the time. It amazes me how full of wonderful people the world is, and how many people around the world are important to me and to us; Elspeth in England, Adrian in Ireland, now Allister and Anita in Australia. These people aren’t family. We met them by chance. We met them because we or they decided to travel. It’s amazing that people can enter our lives in such a manner. Now, when we talk about where we want to go on holiday, Australia will be up there on the list. Knowing people to visit, to get inside information from, and to see their country through their eyes makes a trip a journey rather than just a holiday.