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colour and light: images of quebec city

this is one of my favourite pics because this was one of the more magical places we saw in the city. This is a tiny narrow street crammed between the cliffs leading up to the old town (left) and a larger street one block over. People have built porches straddling the street to provide access to additional rooms on the cliff side and a place to sit outside.
my computer had a hissy fit and I lost the original post that went with these pictures (i wish i could work in linux). it crashed while i was searching for places to spend Christmas and was looking for accomodation near the falkirk wheel, an engineering marvel we saw on “frontiers of construction” (on the learning discovery channel). Don’t laugh, we like that show. if comments are down, send me a message.
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quebec : walking

we were walking the streets of Old Quebec when we came across this cross in a park. It’s an irish cross, donated by a county in Ireland in recognition of the support given by Quebec to the irish people during the potato famine. I love these crosses, the details you can see in the carvings, and finding one in Quebec sent a thrill of recognition through my spine.

Nathalie and I did weights this morning, the gym is very quiet and mellow at 6:30am. I don’t really care for weights but I absolutely love the feeling of exhaustion in my muscles after.

We tried a new restaurant on Granville Island last night, Cat’s Meow. Verdict? Fine but there’s better options closer to home (Cafe Barney).

and a call for help, how I can put a space between the text and the images using stylesheets? margin: 10px doesn’t work within the image tag.
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happy birthday dear Elspeth (only two days late) … happy birthday to you

Saturday was Elspeth’s birthday. Cory and I are really really lucky to have a friend like E, she’s one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met.

I met E at math camp in august 2000. Math camp sounds even more geeky than it actually was, a graduate student summer school in Edmonton, Alberta on Gravitational Fluid Mechanics run by the Pacific Insitute of Mathematical Sciences. After the camp, through a bit of fate and strange circumstance, I ended up changing travel plans at the last minute and visited with Elspeth in Wales and Reading that September. During that trip, I managed to get my passport and wallet stolen in Cardiff, and Elspeth came to the rescue, driving to Cardiff to spend the weekend camping with me and then coming with me to London for a day to visit the canadian embassy and sort out how I was getting home. Then the next year, she had Cory stay with her (she’d not met him at that point) when he was in England and they became friends.

She visited us in October last year (an amazing visit), and now we’re planning on meeting up with her over Christmas this year in Scotland. I can’t wait.

In other news, I ate my lunch at 9:38 this morning and I’m hungry already.

the honeymoon is over… and real life is pretty good too

two bottles of blanche de chambly, a cool pub, live music. This was a very cool night. I’m sifting through tons and tons of pictures from the wedding and quebec right now and it’s all a bit overwhelming. The thing you notice first though is how happy we look. That’s a really nice feeling.

I’ll get back to regular posting soon… in the meantime, check out julie’s site, she’s in the process of a redesign and it looks really great…
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it doesn’t get any better than this.

The wedding was wonderful, the honeymoon was amazing. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to spend my life with Cory. We got home last night from Quebec City, where we had three lovely days and nights just relaxing, walking around looking at the fabulous buildings, and generally being in love. We both needed that break to calm down from the hectic pace of getting ready for a wedding.

The wedding itself was exactly what we wanted. The ceremony was simple and meaningful, and very much a reflection of how we feel. I swear when I walked down those stairs (we had a spiral staircase rather than an aisle) with my Dad and saw Cory standing at the front of everyone with our best men, my heart was so full of love. I was shaking with happiness and I could feel the tears building up behind my eyes – it was so amazing. Fortunately, the tension was broken as Andrew and Natalie arrived at the last second and we had to send Keith (my honour attendant) to get them in. I’m sure they felt bad about being almost late, but it was perfect. It gave everyone a chance to laugh, and gave Cory and I a chance to catch our breath, smile, and enjoy the moment.

Our reception was also just what we wanted, laid back and relaxed. We got a chance to spend time with everyone there and to enjoy ourselves. Thank you to Scott and Keith (and Rochelle) for their efforts. We’ll post more pictures when we get a chance … we have about 10 rolls to be developed and that doesn’t include the rolls my dad took.

One word of advice though, if you blush easily, don’t take the chocolate body paint your cousin gave you for your wedding through security in your carry-on. They will open it up and ask what it is in front of a whole bunch of people while the two of you turn red and try to explain it without using the words “body” and “honeymoon” in the same sentance. Oh well, we’re allowed now, we’re married.

More Wedding Photos

(all pictures taken by Natalie Grant)

These pictures were all taken by Natalie Grant.

Wedding Photos

the bride and groom

trevor, sue, cory, trish, jim : the amundruds

trevor, sue, cory, trish, jim : the amundruds

judy, cory, trish, neil : the bellchambers

judy, cory, trish, neil : the bellchambers

keith, j,c,t,n, & rochelle : the bellchambers

keith, j,c,t,n, & rochelle : the bellchambers

the cake

us, another self portrait

with trish’s brother and his girlfriend

Scott and Keith : the best men

giving (short) speeches

and looking good?

the wedding party

from l to r: scott, cory, trish, keith

the view1


hitting the bar

trish – married

Cory and Adele

Cory with Auntie Mo

Jim and Sue (parents of the groom)

the moms

Auntie Mo and Uncle Bill

Trish’s Bompa with Cory

Scott, the best man

Sue, Cath, and Scott

Trish with Auntie Vera (l) and Nana (r)


Simon and Jen with the guestbook


Alex and Mike


Barb and Alex


Cory and Mike

Barb and Mike

Mo and Bill

Nana and Lynda


Jason and Dawn

Jason and the back of Trish’s head

Jason and Dawn again

more of Mike

don’t ask

again, don’t ask

the other Mike

Mike’s in every picture


the view

a little game played by Canadian engineers

Ron and Trevor

trish’s heels – so very comfy

at the reception 1