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Local Music

It’s Jazzfest here in Vancouver this week, and rather than sitting back and letting yet another event pass us by, we’ve managed to make it to a show and enjoy ourselves in the city. Of course it makes it easier that Cory knows Rich (left side playing guitar) and we’ve heard him play (and been wowed) before. He’s playing today at the Vancouver Art Gallery stage from 5-7pm, and then later on tonight at Chivana Restaurant. For the few Vancouver folks who read this page, take a look at the jazzfest listings.
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in favour of multiculturism

This pic (edited in photoshop to tone down the bright areas, it was a very sunny day) is from the Hats Off Street Festival that took place a couple weekends ago in Burnaby. Along with traditional Chinese dragons, there were Celtic performers, multiple vendors selling sausage in a bun, and a car show, attracting hundreds of families to a part of the city (East Hastings at Boundary) that’s not normally a destination. Although the sun was oppressive, it was wonderful to see the normal, non-yuppie/yogi side of the city (located in a neighbouring city of course, but still within a few kms of downtown).
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Evenings at the beach

We went down to the beach last night to fly the kites, drink slurpees, and let the sun soak into our skin. Then, at 8pm, we went home, picked up some sushi, and had a laid-back evening with some great beer and the AFI’s list of the 50 greatest villains and heros in movie history. Sometimes life is very sweet.

Tonight’s the last lecture in my course, the review class is next monday and the final is a week today. Almost done… I can’t believe it’s been five weeks already. (Six weeks since I found out about this). In the past six weeks I’ve worked every weekend but one (often both days), we’ve stayed in town, entertained family, and travelled to the Institute of Ocean Sciences on the island twice. I think I might ‘deserve’ a weekend away, we’re thinking about here once research and Cory’s work are under control, except it might be too expensive.

Of course there’s always the sunshine coast…
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i forgot to bring any painkillers with me to work today and my knee’s hurting quite a lot. There’s a disturbing cracking noise in the knee cap too – it doesn’t feel anything like the one on the left side. I’m hoping that’s not an indication of some sort of damage, but just a protest from the joint at being asked to move after being held still so long.

We spent the weekend doing quiet things, both working on Saturday and then doing some shopping and heading to the driving range (where I watched from a lawn chair, quite the lady of leisure) yesterday. Cory’s taken to calling me Crash, which as far as nicknames go isn’t too bad, but I’m getting frustrated with the constant pain and lack of mobility. I have a whole new respect for people dealing with constant pain syndromes, one week of this will be enough to drive me batty, dealing with it on a regular basis would be horrid.

The pic above shows Cory taking pictures of one of the crustaceans that emerged from the sand as the tide running out cut deep channels in the beach. (See this entry for the full story)
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