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Tour de Gastown

Last night was the 22nd Tour de Gastown, a road bike criterium held every year through the oldest streets in Vancouver. It’s got an illustrious heritage with 1980 and 1984 winner Alex Stieda going on to win the classic Paris-Rouen and be first Canadian to wear the yellow jersey of the Tour de France. The 1991 winner was no other than Lance Armstrong and the 1985 winner was Chris Carmicheal, familiar to cycling fans now as Armstrong’s personal coach. With a $10,000 purse, there was lots of money being awarded for the lap leaders who were cheered on by 28,000 spectators. Quite an event for a little corner of the downtown area.
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cory at work

Cory’s job right now involves climbing through all sorts of boilers and such at the power plant at UBC. He sent me this picture of him today, and i love the look on his face. It sure beats a desk job!

I’m currently in the middle of a top-secret creative project that I can reveal here, since it’s only top-secret for one person and she doesn’t read the internet. I’m making a quilt for my great-aunt, just big enough to snuggle under while watching tv. I’ve got the middle section of blocks put together after struggling with the tension setting of my sewing machine last night, tonight I’ll try to finish the borders so I can get it ready for hand quilting, which is my favourite part. I love the way people smile when given a handmade gift, and I want to see Auntie Vera’s smile when I give this to her in a month’s time.
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Vancouver 2010

Months of waiting and discussion have been resolved this morning, Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic games with a theme of “the Sea to Sky Games”. Seven years from now scenes like this will be rare, as Olympic development transforms the shoreline even further.
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