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patchwork quilt

Here it is, although the colours look softer in person. I can’t for the life of me get a good picture of this quilt, they’re all out of focus, or the white balance is wrong. Anyways, for the crafty minded, the back is flannel so it’ll be snuggly, and I’m planning to handquilt around all the larger squares. The batting is that Arctic cotton stuff where you only have to stitch every 10 inches. (Sue, the border we bought looked too dark so I ran out to the quilt shop yesterday. And it’s really cold right now so I used the thicker batting. You can say “I told you so” when it’s hard to quilt through the layers).
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Bowen photos

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no longer newlyweds

We spent the weekend at a B&B on Bowen Island to celebrate our anniversary (a lovely gift from my parents). Since it mainly involved sitting in a hot tub overlooking the bay and drinking wine, it was just perfect and I feel very relaxed this morning!

We dashed in and out of shops on Saturday, avoiding the worst of the rain by carefully timing our coffee breaks. Bowen’s not really a shopping destination, for all that they advertise themselves as the home of over 400 artists. The afternoon was relaxing though and helped drain the stress of work away.

Yesterday we did a shortish walk around Killarney Lake in the center of the island. The rain had stopped (it’s raining here again) and it was a quiet and peaceful place to spend a few hours.

We then visited a friend of Cory’s who lives on the island with his wife and kids and spent a few hours in their world, an almost rural experience within commuting distance to the city. The ferry from Bowen island connects to an express bus for a total commute time of one hour each way. While that’s more than Cory’s 35 minute walk, it’s actually less than driving in from the suburbs (parts of Coquitlam, Langley, and Surrey). Bowen is a fabulous place, perhaps a bit lacking in facilities (no public pool!), but still an affordable way to purchase a house and work in Vancouver. Not that we have any intention of buying a house, we’re very happy living close to restaurants and transportation routes and avoiding wasting any time on home maintenance. (I harbour a growing dislike of shows like “trading spaces”. I’ve far better things to do with my time).

After getting home last night we walked around the city for over an hour, up Broadway to Main and down Main to 30th. There’s some very funky shops around there, independent coffee houses and bars. We peered in windows and strolled holding hands and I felt like i could walk for hours. By the time we got home I was tired though, and looking around my own neighbourhood I realized that everything we need is right here. Sure there’s only one funky bar (Cafe Barney) and a few good coffee places (Bean around the world, Cafe Crepe), but everything we need and like (Meinhardts, Granville Island) is within walking distance on streets that seem quite safe in the evenings.

I like where we live. Sure, someday I’d like to live in a smaller centre where housing is affordable and people are more friendly, and the pub has a beer glass for me behind the bar. Right now though, this is perfect. We have a comfy apartment full of art and photos and everything we own can be easily moved (or thrown out) anywhere in the world if we want to pick up and go.
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Happy Anniversary!

October 12th was our one year anniversary, one year ago today we were at a lovely hotel in Quebec City on our mini honeymoon.

I feel very lucky to have Cory in my life and I’m looking forward to snuggling up to him on the couch to watch a movie and enjoying the turkey curry (made with leftovers of course) he’s made for dinner.

This has been the best year of my life, and not because I needed a husband to make me happy, but because I’ve had so much fun and spent so much time with my best friend & hubby that I’m more in love with him now than I was a year ago. Marriage can be pretty amazing sometimes.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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not an idjit

Every once in a while Cory manages to take a picture of me without me realizing, and without me looking like a complete idjit. This is from a few weeks ago.
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welcoming winter

It rained heavily last night, and faced with the dreary prospect of winter, we decided to celebrate instead the good parts about the season. We bundled ourselves into sweaters and grabbed umbrellas to keep us dry and walked to a small french canadian restaurant nearby.

Cory tried the Montreal smoked meat sandwich, thick layers of meat that tasted heavenly. I can guarantee it was fabulous, as I managed to sneak about a quarter of it while he was eating his fries. I had the pea soup, thick and warm and traditional, perfect.

I’ve half a mind to go back there for dinner tonight, to try the poutine or tortiere. It’s a wonderful place, and it was a wonderful night.
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rough draft.

It’s finished. Not completely finished, there’s no abstract or keywords, and the figures are likely the wrong shape and my grammar’s probably terrible. But it’s finished, a full draft from introduction to conclusions. 9000 words of scientific shlock splendor that’s all come out of my head. After working on this for four months, it feels quite miraculous to write the conclusion and send it off to the supervisors for dissection.

In preparation for this event, I went to the posh grocery down the street and bought dark chocolate and mineral water to celebrate. After my trip to the gym I’m going to curl up on the couch and read Roddy Doyle and imagine myself far away from academic stresses for the weekend. ahhh, the joys of finishing on a friday!
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Scotch Club

Last night: Canadian Legion, branch 30. A room full of comfy armchairs, the lovely smell of good scotch, and active conversation. I sit next to a man who has travelled extensively through Europe. Long distance hikes in France and England, boat trips to Shetland and Orkney, herring covered in oatmeal. I’m sipping on a scotch not available to the general public, Cory next to me, and I think I’m in heaven.

We’ve been invited to join a scotch club and last night was the first meeting of the year. I’m not sure what I expected, but the welcome we received was amazing. The club is diverse, with a wide age range (we were, of course, on the younger end), and has been in operation for over 20 years. Aside from the whisky, I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting more people next month, as the room seemed to be filled with stories, opinions, and warm-hearted people.
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