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random photos

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beauty in the smallest things

there’s a beautiful warm orange glow filtering through the clouds and into my office. My hands on the keyboard are dancing in it’s light and it’s as if a little bit of magic has shown up in my world.

there are plenty of lovely wonderful things that fill me with joy: cory snuggled up asleep, the warmth of the hardwood floors in our apartment, the taste of good olives, and learning something about the world from friends.

it’s five weeks ’till christmas, I bought a CD of the messiah today and two chocolate advent calenders for Cory and I. How could one not be happy?
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far too busy

It’s been a long time since we updated the website, but it’s because we’ve been busy. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get info on my grandmother’s medications. Nana’s on a variety of drugs to prevent strokes and angina attacks and there have been problems with drug interactions. I’ve been looking up the drugs in the CPS guide, and finding out tons of information that wasn’t provided by her doctor or pharmacist.

This all started because two drugs she was prescribed interacted to lower her heart rate and blood pressure to dangerous levels that made her very ill. The pharmacist failed to inform her about this, even though it’s written very clearly in both drugs monographs – do not take X with Y.
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Lest We Forget

My maternal grandparents were married during WWII, soon after my grandfather enlisted. They spent the first years of their marriage apart, after flight training in Vancouver (my grandmother followed him out here), my Grandfather was stationed in Asia, flying with the Burma Bombers as a navigator. After the war he was stuck in England for over six months as the ships heading back to Canada were full of men who had served longer and had children. As I enter my second year of marriage I do so with the knowledge that at this point in their relationship they were half a world apart, and the things I take for granted, like waking up in the morning next to the man I love and knowing him safe, they did not get to do.

My paternal grandmother lost her first husband during WWII, he was in the British Navy and died when my uncle was just a baby. She lived through the war in the Dover area by herself, with a new baby, while being bombed. I can’t imagine what she went through during those years; but I know it would have been far worse than anything I’ve had to endure in my sheltered lifetime.

Would my generation have the courage and the generosity to sacrifice what my grandparents did? Would I have the strength to let my husband join a war he might not return from? The least I can do is remember their sacrifices today.
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