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Living in Paris

Jacques Brel (Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris) was amazing. I wish Cory had birthdays more often so we could treat ourselves to such fantastic events. We had seats right at the front and had a fabulous view of the show. With a birthday dinner at Dockside as a starter (Rare Ahi Tuna (me) and Stuffed Pork Chop (C)), I can’t imagine a better evening. Except maybe that I wouldn’t have had to sneeze during the quietest part of the show, that would have been good.
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A weekend away was wonderful, the best part feeling like we had absolutely nothing to do. This picture is from Davis Bay, on our way back to the B&B from dinner.

We went for walks, browsed through stores we had no intention of buying things in, ate lots of food, and slept over ten hours. We bought a pound of coffee beans from our favourite roastery and discovered that they also make lovely soups. Our walk in Cliff Gilker park (a rainforest) was as calming as always, and the B&B looked out over the inlet so that we could see the ocean while eating breakfast. The only difference from last year was real estate prices, which are rising dramatically with the retiring baby boomers all seeking property outside the city.
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cheese please

There’s a wonderful cheese shop in Vancouver that cries out for weekend outings to buy strange moldy objects that we have to eat right away because we could never tell when they’ve really gone bad.:

“is that cheese still good?”
“it’s got mold colonies extending blue and green tendrils out into the fridge”
“yes, but were they there when we bought it?”

although often we’re not that adventurous, staring at the moldy cheese for ages, and then picking up a lovely pepper-coated stilton or a farmhouse aged cheddar.

The word count on my thesis is rising rapidly as I assimilate all of the literature review I’ve done into a background story for my theory. At first, having a thesis 150 pages long seemed impossible, but with a current page count of 93, it doesn’t seem so bad. However this morning, my computer is refusing to open the current chapter of my thesis and I’m have my first epsiode of anti-word rage of the new year.
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