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BC Highland Games: sunburns and meatpies

What would be a scottish highland games without a caber toss, dancers, and meat pies? I was a highland dancer when I was young and I convinced Cory to take me to the BC games this year up in Coquitlam. Along with a sunburn, I came home with a cute necklace from a craft booth (verdict on the games: not enough craft booths), irish soda bread mix (I can’t bake, but I can add water and put in the oven), and a big smile. It was very fun in the way that only community events can be.

I used to be one of these kids, and I clearly remember being nervous and waiting to go on stage to dance. I was never a great dancer, but I was decent, and I loved the adventure (we used to travel all over to compete) and the friendship.

I still have gmail invites up for grabs … don’t all rush at once now! (seriously, how come no one wants one? are all of the readers of this site way too smart to get sucked into google’s advertising?)
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reasons to get up early on a weekend.

The only problem with going up when hiking, is that eventually we have to go down, and I’m rather nervous when i can’t see my feet. We went up to Squamish on Saturday morning and hiked the chief. We were probably the 6th and 7th people up on first peak that morning, but on the way down, Cory counted 154 people heading up. It’s a short hike. It looked like a game of follow the leader. Vancouver could be perfect, but there’s just far too many people.
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day on the water; i’m sunburnt today

sometimes we get lazy and would be content to sit on a couch all day on a sunday. yesterday was one of those days, and I doubt we’d have done much beyond walking down to the pub for a pint. So it’s a good thing we have friends, especially when one of them gets us out of the house and take us sailing on a beautiful windy day.

Adam took us out on his lovely boat yesterday and we sailed (okay, he sailed, Cory occasionally helped out, and I sat, ate pretzels, and got a sunburn on my face) in the waters near Bowen Island and Horseshoe Bay. I hadn’t been on a sailboat in years and it was delightful to feel how smooth it is to travel by wind. Neither of us was seasick (although I was almost carsick on the windy road to the marina) and I could watch the pattern of the waves for hours.
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water: it may look pretty, but it’s bloody tricky

Geometrical constraints on the evolution of ridged sea ice.
My paper is now available online for those with AGU membership. Otherwise, anyone interested may be able to get a copy from their library (Journal of Geophysical Research (Oceans), VOL. 109, C06005, doi:10.1029/2003JC002251, June 2004). If you’re not affiliated with a university that has access to JGR, send me an email and I can send you a preprint.

In other news, Cory’s added several letters after his name. He got his PEng this month and got to stamp his first thing this weekend (verifying a birth certificate). He is now one of those people that can sign passport applications and I’m very proud of him for getting to this point (not for passport signing reasons, but because he made it through the work experience, the exams and seminars, and the application essay. Now if only I can get through my hurdles …)
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Porteau Cove: reading by the sea

My trip to Edmonton was fantastic. The conference turned out to be a very useful job-searching trip and I’m really excited about the opportunities for research in the next couple years. I don’t want to talk too much about it in case I jinx things, but keep your fingers crossed for me!

On Tuesday night I went to visit with my Dad’s cousins and met my extended family for the first time. My paternal grandfather died when I was young, and I hardly remember him. Meeting his younger brother, and seeing such a family resemblance was rather special. The family genes are relatively strong, one of my dad’s cousins looks just like a cuter female version of him, and many of my second cousins are also double jointed like me. It’s always nice to have family – and Chris & Graem made me feel totally welcome in their home and took care of me when I was really tired from a long day.

Wednesday and Thursday nights I went out with Treefen & the Monkey – and we had such a great time. You know when you meet someone and feel like you can tell them anything? When the conversation’s interesting? and when time goes by wayyy to fast? I don’t like many people (I don’t dislike many people either, it takes a lot to make me care either way) and it’s rare that I really meet someone who I want to be friends with. But slowly through travelling and moving around I’ve developed a network of very cool and interesting friends – and it’s awesome to be able to add Treefen and Monkey to that small group.

It feels like I’ve hardly been sleeping in my own bed lately and I was looking forward to a quiet weekend. The weather was great when I got home though, and we’ve been itching to go camping, so we threw everything in the car and headed north. After such a busy trip, a night away sleeping beside a lake was wonderful – we had a great walk-in campsite and slept for 10 hours. I’m feeling relaxed and happy today.
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