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the thesis has been submitted !

I handed in my thesis at 2pm today, and received confirmation it’s been shipped to the external examiner at 5pm. The wheels are in motion (smile). All that’s left is to set a date for the final defence (end of September) and find a job. I’m finally running out of schooling.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on yesterday’s post about London. It’s a big decision, and one we’ll probably put off making for a while. The complete lifestyle switch such a move would entail is scary. Would we be happy without being able to ride our bikes? (I think it’s interesting that the one commenter that I know best, Suze, voiced all the same concerns I have. When is lifestyle more important than a career? Often, I think). And while it’s a good job, it’s not a great job, and there will be others.

Tonight though, I’m celebrating with a book and a bottle of wine (Cory’s out biking, he made plans already since I hadn’t thought I’d finish until tomorrow).
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so there’s this job in the wrong location …

So there’s this post doctoral position in London, England that would fit in nicely with the type of research I’ve done for my PhD. I’ve been shortlisted for the job, and would be quite excited about the research, except that it’s in London where the cost of living is high, the population density kinda scares me, and the commute would be brutal. What do we do? Any happy living-in-London stories? Bloody hell. It’s so crazy. I finally find a job I’d want and it’s in one of the few cities in Canada and the UK that we don’t want to live in.

Of course there’s still the job in Edmonton, I’ve been putting that off because I didn’t want to worry about it while I was finishing up, but perhaps it’s time to think about it again.

In thesis news, I’m on tenderhooks waiting for final feedback. I think this is getting close though, the worst case scenario seems to be that I submit next week – but I’m still hoping to make Friday’s deadline.
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Happy Birthday Bompa!

It’s my grandfather’s birthday today (I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to mention his age) and when I talked to him this morning, he and my grandmother were excited about going to hear the Glen Miller Band tonight to celebrate (the tickets were a present from my parents (and maybe others, I’m not sure)).

My brother and I were very lucky to have my grandparents around so much when we were growing up, they were a big part of our everyday lives. One of the hardest things about living in Vancouver is being so far away from them. But two weeks from now they’re setting out on a trip west to visit us, and we’ve been planning all the things we want to show them.
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because mwk posted more ….

More pictures of Dunluce Castle since mwk got to post more.

I’m relieved he’s given me something to post about, as my current obsession with criteria for identifying ridged ice is unlikely to be interesting for anyone but me.

Combine that with a restday in the tour de france, and there really isn’t much for me to talk about.
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still climbing ….

July is going to end up feeling like the month that never was. Or the month that I had more hangovers than first year university*. We are watching the tour de france every morning when we get up, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mountain stages. But other than that, I feel like I’ve sacrificed this month to work, in order than I might have a nice August and graduate in the fall.

In other news, our bathroom has been painted white, so the pink is now restricted to the tiles, tub, and toilet. Whew! The room is much more pleasant, although the white is perhaps a bit too bright, we had to take out half the lights in the bathroom so it didn’t hurt the eyes. But it’s a big improvement, just in time for my grandparents arrival next month!

*although two drinks can give me a hangover if I’m tired these days, and back them I was quite a bit tougher.
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random photos July & Aug

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