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Trip details will follow, we’re off to sleep. Jen & family, there will be a CD with many many more pictures on it’s way to you, we’ve not posted them here as no one else would know anyone. You two are very photogenic!
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Jen and Simon’s Wedding

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Amundrud Family 2004

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Back from Bowen, off to Ottawa

Yesterday I took Noel and Vivianne over to Bowen Island for a relaxing day, west-coast style. We had a laid back day checking out the shops and having lunch on a patio overlooking snug cove. It was also lovely to be able to talk with people about Auntie Vera, Vivianne’s mom was Vera’s oldest friend, and sharing stories always makes memories sweeter.

Tomorrow we’re off to Ottawa for vacation, stopping in Regina on the way back, so things may be dead quiet around here for a week or so. It’s enticing to have a break from the city – somehow we haven’t managed to relax here yet!
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Nana, Bompa, and I after dinner

I’m exhausted. Tired and stressed after our rather unsettling time last weekend. But one of the highlights of the visit was dinner at the Fish House in Stanley Park where the food was good and the atmosphere lovely.

Adrian and Michelle are visiting, and I wish I had more energy to be a better host. Noel and Vivianne (family from Belfast) arrive tomorrow too – I better drink some coffee and get some energy for the next few days!
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Nana and I out on the town last night

Okay, perhaps we weren’t really out on the town, but we were out, heading to a lovely dinner at a local restaurant. Nana is recovering nicely, gaining more energy every day, and we’re starting to enjoy this holiday together! Unfortunately, they go home tomorrow, but we’ve still had two happy days!

When scares like this happen, it makes the good times seem even better. I’ve been keeping a very close grip on my nana these days and wishing she didn’t live so far away most of the time.
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a bit of a worrying weekend

My Nana (who along with my grandfather is visiting us right now) is currently in Vancouver General Hospital. We took her in yesterday morning, as it seems she is bleeding very slowly internally, probably from an ulcer due to irritation of her stomach lining from her asprin medication. As she’s on blood thinner medication for other reasons, she has to be in the hospital under supervison. She’s okay and stable, but not getting any sleep as she’s in the emergency ward and it’s very noisy. Warm wishes and prayers sent her way would be appreciated! (written at 9:30 am)

10:16pm The good news is that we’ve got Nana at home with us tonight! She’s very tired and weak and having dizzy spells from not sleeping or eating, but the bleeding has stopped and we’re hoping that she’ll be back to normal in a few days. Keep sending your prayers! They seem to be working!