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Aberdeen, still not home, but almost.

We’re here, living in a bed and breakfast and feeling rather disorientated. No matter how much we tell ourselves that this is now home, it still feels like vacation. At least it’s a fabulous vacation though, this is a wonderful city and I’m so glad we took this chance.

Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday and Friday were devoted to finding a flat. We think we’ve found a wonderful one, and we met with the landlords Friday night and confirmed details so now it’s just paperwork. It’s nearish to downtown, a long walk to my work, and reasonable for wherever Cory finds a job. That took a lot of stress off this weekend, and we’ve just been relaxing and celebrating Cory’s 29th birthday. I’ve been keeping a journal and when we get a chance I’ll type up some of the entries and add them here.

Tomorrow’s my first day of work, wish me luck.
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visiting and waiting

Four days to go before we fly off to Scotland, and I’m starting to feel ready for this adventure. Last night in bed all I could think of was “I’m so glad we’re doing this”, and because of all the stresses associated with moving I hadn’t felt that way in a while.

Toronto’s been sunny and cold, and we’ve been bundled up at home sitting in the windows and letting the sun stream in on us. Reading books, playing boardgames, and relaxing; it’s been wonderful.

Today we’re heading out for lunch with my parents and then tonight we’re dropping off the quilt (yes, it did get finished) at my grandfather’s before having a family bbq (except when it’s below zero, you eat inside).

We arrive in Aberdeen Wednesday around noon, wish us luck!
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We watched 30cm of snow fall overnight in Melfort on Friday, while visiting with Cory’s brother and family. Driving back to Regina was an adventure, with finger drifts of snow stretching across the road and limited visibility. One last blast of winter before we head back to a coast, unless Toronto has any suprises for us.

Our current pre-occupation is the finding of a flat in Aberdeen. Even though it is probably too early, we’re searching through the rental lists and making notes of places that seem okay. The goal is that we’ll have a couple of viewing appointments set up for the day after we arrive, so that we can find a place as soon as possible.

We’re off to Toronto early tomorrow morning to stay with Trish’s parents and Bompa (we’ll decide where to stay based on who has the best beer selection in their fridge).

Visiting with the Amundrud family has been wonderful, and we’re looking forward to meeting some of them for lunch in Paris in September. How different things will be by then!
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We said goodbye to Vancouver on Saturday, although it didn’t feel like we were really leaving, just taking one more flight east to visit. However, having an empty apartment was definately weird, we sat on the floor and listened to the radio echo through the apartment, Stewart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe, for our last hour in the city. It feels strange to leave … but it’s not a bad strange, just strange.

We’re in Regina now, visiting with family and enjoying the down time before the hectic rush of March. The weather is fabulous here, bright blue skies, huge amounts of white snow, and temperatures in the balmy 0 to -10 C range. We went for a 5 km walk this morning and it didn’t feel like the middle of winter at all!

Lunch today was our traditional date with Cory’s 89.9 year old grandmother for pizza, and as normal, we heard lots of cool stories about her adventures. The British Isles, Germany, Austria, France, and even Eastern Europe (prior to the 90s), she’s travelled everywhere! Sometimes we think we’re charting new paths, and then we find out that we’re just following in the footsteps of an adventurous woman who has passed on more than just a strong family resemblance to her grandson.
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