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the pure bliss of a cast-less leg

Cory’s cast is now off his foot, although the area around the break is still suspiciously swollen and the whole foot still has a decidedly blue twinge. However we’re hopeful it’s on the mend, and the doctors did agree to remove the cast, so things are looking good. Perhaps by next weekend we’ll be adventuring, although even sunday was good as we ventured to the Gordon Highlanders Museum and enjoyed wandering through their heartfelt exhibits.

Being this far north, but still within the Gulf Stream is a new thing for us. It feels like the spring has gone on for months and months, rather than the brief interlude between snow and heat we’re used to. The grass is green, the sky is blue, but the average temperature is barely warmer than the previous month. Reading the “greats” of British literature as a school child it always seemed absurd that the one week of spring was the focus of so many poems and descriptions. But here it lasts for ages. Since I’m not fond of the very hot, and the winter’s always dragging by March, I think I might like this spring thing…
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getting domestic

Golden Square, Aberdeen, May 2005. We pass by here regularly on the way to a nice pub.

Who listened to the Vinyl Cafe last weekend? One of our favourite things, which feels like a huge luxury, is tuning in over dinner, 1/3rd of the world away. Broadband allows the best of both worlds. We can walk out our front door and explore another country, but curl up at home with some hot chocolate and a familiar voice telling well-loved stories.

I’m feeling rather domestic today as we had our second bed delivered in the morning so now guests can be assured of a place to sleep. Most of the furniture we’ve bought since we arrived is from Glencraft, the Royal Aberdeen Workshops for the Blind and Disabled. It’s like supporting a organic or fairtrade business, you get to feel good about yourself while buying really nice stuff. The gorgeous comfort of the sofa has been especially nice while Cory’s recuperating.

Along with the excitement of moving, I’ve found a friendly quilt store right across from what might be the best (pub) patio in the city and now have a spare room to set up a sewing machine in. The only question is what project to start next…

a lazy saturday afternoon on the sofa with digital cameras: a photo essay






I got off the ship this morning and am still reeling around a bit, not used to solid surfaces. Getting off a ship is a strange feeling. For days your world has been compressed into five decks of small spaces, stairs and handrails, and constant background noise. Now it seems my world has exploded into an endless array of streets and buildings, colours and options. I went for a run as soon as I got home and savoured the feeling of being able to get away.

Unfortunately my impressions of this cruise will be marked by the limitations of my belly. Far from getting my sealegs, I was an on-off switch all trip: sick when the wind rose above 30 knots, fine while it was below [+]. As a result, I’ve lost six pounds and discovered the absolute worst way to diet. I wasn’t physically being sick, I just wasn’t able to eat for quite a few meals.

Duthie Park, Aberdeen, 30th April, 2005

I’ve yet to see Cory and his new cast, or even hear all the details. Our email on the ship was acting up in the last week of the cruise and we only had intermittent communication with the outside world. In a way I’ve been catching up with what’s happened by reading my own website, which feels strange. I know he feels a bit guilty about taking himself out of commission for a while, and limiting our weekend adventures, but we’ll just have to be creative and think of some new ideas. Back when Sue was visiting us on crutches, Cory speculated that he’d be great at navigating around on them, I guess he’s now got a chance to put that theory to the test.

[+] In reference to Cory’s earlier post, we never did hit anything above 40 knots, and missed the Beaufort 10 Cory saw on the weather report. However, an 8 is rough enough for me! (Gale, winds 34-40 knots.)

Day 11…

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at sea …

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Day 5

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view from our window

Unlike our last apartment, which faced into an alley, we now overlook a street of graceful old granite houses. Our flat is in a grand house set back from the road so there’s plenty of privacy, and when the sun sets, plenty of view.

I’m off to sea for two weeks starting tomorrow so posting will likely be non-existant until the 19th. Cory has fortunately found a volleyball team & is playing in a tournament in Inverness while I’m gone, so the timing isn’t too bad. Still, when the sky’s this gorgeous, my new couch that comfortable, and an espresso machine that’s even better than our old one, home can be a very tough place to leave.
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