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The sheep and cows here watch every move you make on the backroads. When we cycle past they’ve been known to run over and check out who we are, sometimes making eye contact. And once, after almost losing it on a tough hill climb, I was spitting up phlegm at the top and a cow beelined it over at high speed. Who knew that type of noise was a bovine attractor?
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Playing Tourist

Grandma and Michelle left on Tuesday after a week of seeing castles and grand houses, eating fish and chips (I am not going to weigh myself for a while), and hanging out in gardens. I think Grandma had thought she was just coming to visit – but she couldn’t come all that way and not see everything right?

Cory’s been away since Monday for work, but he gets home today & I’m excited to see him. One of us has been away for work 1/4 of all the nights since we’ve moved to Scotland. Crazy. We’re both hoping that the travel will die down for a while and that we can stop travelling on weekends especially. I think I’ll be in town for all of September! Although I’m not exactly dreading my trip to Sweden in October…
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on a much smaller scale

After seeing countless castles & great houses (okay four) it’s funny that the best picture turns out to be one on a much smaller scale. Playing host to guests in Aberdeen makes this city feel a lot more like home and we’re pleased that the weather’s cooperated to make the city and countryside look it’s best.
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50 million midges per hectare (or so they tell me)

I’ve just returned from a week of work on the west coast of Scotland, in a gorgeous sea loch where the sun shone every day and the village was as picturesque as you could ask for. It sounds like heaven, and it would be, if not for the millions of midges that have left me looking rather poxed. Still, the chance to travel is one of the real benefits of my work and I think this could be one of the better destinations.

We’ve got visitors right now, Grandma and Michelle (C’s maternal grandmother and cousin), so we get to spend the next few days being tourists in Aberdeenshire again. It’s suprising how much is in the area, considering how few tourists we get up this way. Stories and news will undoubtable follow…
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hitched (Keith & Rochelle)

number of years in the planning: 4, number of bridesmaids/groomsmen: 7+7, number of digits getting pampered (see below) 140, number of hearts I drew on the getaway car: 6, number of number of km travelled: too many to mention. My little brother’s married. (pic: Mom, Keith, Rochelle, Dad).


Bompa and Keith pre-wedding


Mom and Dad pre-wedding (note that the guy’s side was considerably calmer than the women at this point).


the day before, at the spa. Notice the conspicious lack of tan, i do live north of 57…


am I trying to remember which side my nose looks smaller on (the other side) or planning my ‘welcome to the family speech’?
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