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the first morning

Although we were sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags and the valve on the toilet is broken so we’re flushing with buckets of water, waking up this morning in my own home was pretty cool. I’m currently waiting for our appliances (fridge, washer, etc) to be delivered here while Cory’s at the flat with the movers. It’s a big day…

I dropped Bompa off at the airport yesterday morning after a crazy busy week of exploring Aberdeenshire. It was a fantastic visit and we loved having him with us for a week so we could show off where we live. I’ll post more about his trip later, but right now I think I hear a delivery van…
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houseguests and homes

Bompa’s here at our flat, sound asleep [*] after a long day travelling yesterday. Waiting for him in the airport in Edinburgh yesterday I felt like a little kid, I was so excited he was coming that waiting was almost painful. It’s really special to show him our favourite things here and have him give them the thumbs up. With my grandfather, I’m even more like a kid than normal, and it’s so lovely to be able to give him a hug whenever I want.

Planning for the move is going well, except for the packing bit, but I’m sure that will happen at the last minute. Who really likes to pack in advance? We do have a few days overlap between getting the house and giving up the flat, so there’s not too much of a rush.

Sorry about the lack of posts this week, I’ve been jetting off to Liverpool for meetings (travelling across the country and back in a day may be possible here but that doesn’t mean it’s not exhausting) and we were short on time.

[*] actually not sound asleep. Right after writing this, we noticed his room was empty and then glancing out the window we saw him walking by with a paper under his arm. He had woken before us and decided to go exploring…
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Our own home (not this picture)

After years of living in rented apartments, we’ve finally found ourselves moving into our own home at the end of this month. It’s a granite semi-detatched 2-story house with front and back yards, a patio, and a bit of a view over the city. We’ll be hosting thanksgiving this year!

So we’ve been quite busy with solicitors, banks, movers, and shopping for appliances. Our experiences with the Scottish housing market have been smooth, but completely confusing. Houses are listed as offers over and our house went to closing date which means it’s sold in a sealed bid auction. Since it’s totally different than Canada, I feel pretty lucky that we’ve bumbled through correctly.

We’re much better set up for guests now, which is good, since we’ve lots of family coming in the next few months. Unfortunately, Bompa comes on the 15th before we move, and will have to stay in the flat. At least he wont be arm-twisted into helping with home renovations.
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