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visitors and scenery

I saw the sun rise over the sea and the hills thursday morning as I cycled to work. Pink skies, golden and green hills, and the ocean in the distance. Wednesday I took a powerboat handling course for work in the waters off Stonehaven. As we practiced recovering buoys from the water I looked up and saw Dunnottar Castle perched by the sea. Little bits of beauty that carry me through tough and tired days.

My parents have been visting us this past two weekends and it’s been lovely. We ate good food, cheered at a football game, and walked in the hills. It was a laidback and relaxing visit and it was absolutely lovely. My only complaint is that it went by too quickly.
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sweden, shetland, and thanksgiving

I’d noticed before that other people who bought houses tended to reduce the frequency of site updates but I didn’t really understand why. Now, after spending every spare moment painting, fixing leaky plumbing, and hanging pictures into stone walls (we need a new drill bit already), I have a much better understanding.

It’s not like there hasn’t been other things going on as well, Cory’s got more work in Shetland coming up, and I spent three days last week in Sweden. While my collegues may take these kind of trips for granted, I thought it was awesome. Not only did I see a fabulous city (Gothenburg), I got to have perogies for dinner at a great Polish restaurant and I watched the last period of a hockey game in a bar. The only thing better would have been to go to the game itself but no one else thought so. (In one of my top ten dumb moves of the year, I forgot to bring my camera with me to Sweden so I’ve no pictures to share).

Finally, tomorrow being Canadian thanksgiving, but a work day here, we had our turkey yesterday. We found that our co-workers were thrilled to come over and stuff themselves silly so we ended up with 7 adults and 2 kids and an 8 kilogram turkey. We have lots of leftovers. But seriously, after a turbulent year, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for. We’ve a lovely house, decent jobs, new friends & lots of contact with ones back home, and midges don’t carry west nile. What more does one need?

(We visited St. Machar’s Cathedral in Old Aberdeen when Bompa was visiting. It’s absolutely gorgeous, ancient, and very serene. I’d love to drop by someday for a service, except I might wait until summer since it’s very chilly inside).
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