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Battening down the hatches for winter

The weather here has gone from fall to winter in the past few days. Crazy winds, almost frosty mornings, and a need for gloves has convinced us that it really is November, and not still the lovely days of October. This will be my first winter anywhere near this far north. We’re at 57 degrees, getting close to the elusive 60 degrees that always marked the edge of the real north to me back home in Canada. Of course it wont be that cold, but it will be that dark.

Two weeks ago I was away on the west coast for a week doing fieldwork in a small boat. The west coast is so different this time of year, with most B&Bs and some hotels closed for the season, the camper vans gone home, and the pubs full of locals. I think I like it a lot better, the quieter pace of life. And, as one guy in Loch Carron pointed out to me, he’s not much further from Glasgow than I am, so isolation is really how you look at it.

While I was there, I did walk down the main street in Loch Carron and peek unashamedly in all the windows where the curtains were open. Beautiful modern kitchens, cosy living rooms, and lovely fireplaces made the cottages very welcoming. It’s a nice mixture of old and new, a 150 year old cottage on the outside, but updated for comfort inside. I wouldn’t mind one of those homes – although the commute would be less than ideal. One of these days I’ll get Cory over to the west coast for vacation, and hopefully he’ll take me up to Shetland too…
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