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Merry Christmas

We’ve had a lovely quiet Christmas in our new house. Because we’ve managed to spend more money in the past year than in the rest of our lives combined, we had a relatively non-commercial Christmas, only getting each other a small stocking with a fifteen pound limit. It actually was great, reducing the stress and making us focus on the really important parts of Christmas – time off work & a turkey dinner.
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Christmas Wisdom

Scotland takes Christmas very seriously, especially Christmas shopping. It seems like the entire city and shire turns out for the weekends before Christmas, piling up in huge crowds on Union Street with each member all weighed down with large bags and parcels. While it does make shopping a rather frustrating experience, it’s people-watching heaven and we stopped by on Saturday to get carried along with the crowds and enjoy the stores and markets. Words of wisdom – do your shopping online but don’t miss out on the excitement.

I’ve been down in Edinburgh for a course and seen the Christmas market there – which just looked lovely and almost led me to take a later train home. Had I not left Aberdeen at 6 in the morning, I might have had the energy. But I spent the last three days of the week in Menai Bridge, Wales for a meeting and discovered the downside of Christmas – when your hotel has a Christmas disco running until 1am in the morning and not only does the music keep you awake, there’s not a single song you like the whole time. More wisdom – Christmas is best enjoyed from the comfort of home.
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living in the north

57 degrees north, but with the climate of Vancouver. I find it a bit unsettling that it gets dark at 3:30, and yet it’s still warm enough that my internal clock isn’t screaming “winter”. My parents live 15 degrees further south, and yet they’ve already had 4 inches of snow and we’ve only had a dusting. Ocean currents are wonderful things…

Although if this front page news keeps it’s promises Slowing of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation at 25? N , the implications could be huge.

We’ve moved the computer into the living room to see if that makes us more likely to update the site in the evenings when we’re relaxing. It is handy that I can sit here now and look out at our birdfeeder and the thirty or so little sparrows and pair of blackbirds that are living in the tree in our garden.
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