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the reason we haven’t posted much lately ….

Currently: 17 weeks along
Missing most: blue cheese and lots of coffee
Weight gain to date: 9 pounds
Best Moment for Trish: 10 week ultrasound & seeing the fetus move
Worst Moment for Trish: thinking I might be having a miscarriage (at 6 weeks)
Cory’s newest hobby: stroller shopping
Cory’s missing: bike rides with his wife on lazy weekends
New bedtime for Trish: 9pm, I’m sleeping for two
Food cravings: it’s all about quantity!
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treats in the mail

We got a lovely package (see pics of some of the contents above) in the mail from Treefen on Tuesday that has totally made my week. Think warm and cosy while the wind outside batters your windows – perfect!

Last night, in an attempt to convince ourselves that we haven’t gone completely suburban since we bought the house, we actually went out on a weeknight. Belle and Sebastian played a show at the Music Hall and it seemed too good of an opportunity to miss. We saw them in Vancouver in 2001, and as hard as it is to believe, that’s one of only 2 shows they’ve played in Canada. However, they are playing thre this winter (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) with the New Pornographers (Toronto and Montreal only) – tickets for the Vancouver show go on sale Saturday if anyone’s interested. All this being said, the show wasn’t as good as when we saw them in Vancouver. It was great, and a super night out, but the magic of that first time just wasn’t there.
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when will the sun shine again?

I think we’re starting to fit into Scottish culture. Like everyone else in town, we went to the city centre today to do some shopping. Although we did buy freshly roasted coffee beans for the espresso machine, which is still a rather Vancouver thing to do, and tonight we’re making sushi… Fitting in takes a while.

We dropped in on the neighbours on the 1st and were smart enough to send Cory through the door first. Our neighbours are 80 and have lived in their house (the other half of ours) for over 40 years. They were pleased that Cory had been the first in the door since a tall dark stranger bearing whisky and coal is apparently good luck. While there was no coal, he did have a bottle of whisky and at least he’s not a blonde.
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