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looking less like an alien every day

Wow. It’s amazing how much of a difference 8 weeks can make. We got to watch it kick my belly (which I can finally almost feel) and wiggle itself into contortions during our ultrasound yesterday. Most importantly, we feel very lucky that the scan showed everything’s on schedule and developing properly. It’s amazing everytime we think about it.

As for other pregnancy facts, I’ve had my first real cravings in the past week. Strangely, they were for fruit and vegetables, rather than any weird combinations like pickles with ice cream. Cory let me loose in the grocery store and I think I must have been more excited about buying carrots than anyone in the history of that produce aisle.

And no, we didn’t ask what gender it’s going to be. Suprises are good.
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the perfect pub

Another quiet weekend at home, although visits to three different pubs seemed to magically occur (orange juice is good for pregnant women right?). Our favourite pub these days is about 15 minutes from the house and has an open fire, minimal smoking (often none), and an interior grantite wall. However, the atmosphere is really made by the bartender, a fun and warm-hearted woman well into her 70s (we think) who happens to live near us and always greets us with a smile and a chat. When March 26th rolls around and Scotland goes non-smoking, I think it could be my favourite place in the city.

Of course the beach is pretty spectacular too, especially at low tide when the soft sands stretch out endlessly for miles and miles up the coast.
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This must have hurt – and now we’re loathe to wash the window because it’s just way too much fun.
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weekends away

Long before we knew we were expecting, we’d booked ourselves into the Craigellachie Hotel for a night. Of course this place is too posh for us normally, but my parents found a seasonal special and splurged for the trip as a birthday present. Craigellachie is kinda special for us, since it’s where we had our honeymoon. This time it meant even more, since it marked the 16 week point of the pregnancy and I’d decided that if we could make it until then, I’d start to relax and enjoy being pregnant, instead of worrying.

Why worry? We had four episodes of unexplained bleeding that involved trips to the hospital for ultrasounds to see if the fetus was okay. The first time was by far the worst, but even now, after a month without any complications, I’m still feeling a wee bit on edge. Honestly we both were quite happy when I was feeling pukey, since that’s a sign that the pregnancy is going well, and the bleeding never seemed to coincide with a truly nauseated moment. Hormones … we had no idea what we were getting into.

Anyways, so a weekend away to celebrate was perfect, and we even got upgraded to a master room (the size of our old apartment in Vancouver) which never happens to us. We’re not the people that get moved into first class on airplanes. With me not able to enjoy the whiskey, it just meant more for Cory, and we spent a fabulous evening wandering between pubs and enjoying the atmosphere.

The room was wonderful, the food was fabulous, and entertainment was even provided by a “hunting party” of overly wealthy men up from somewhere south who, with their pretentious outfits, desparation to one-up their peers, and commitment to talking loudly, managed to steal the show. I mean, who shows up at the hotel from the airport dressed like a sporting gentleman from the turn of the century?
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