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wet weather

Suze and Ted’s visit on the weekend happened to correspond with Aberdeens worst storm of the season. Faced with high tides, stong winds, and crazy rain watching the waves crash seemed like the best option, at least from the car. However, Ted and Cory braved the elements to get a couple spectacular pictures.

We then decamped to the Duthie Park Winter Gardens and then the Lairhillock Inn, perfect for wet days. Fortunately Sunday was nicer and we managed a quick trip to see some of the sights of Aberdeenshire. It was a fantastic visit, a couple nights of lovely food and great company and the only complaint is how fast time flew.

Pregnancy-wise: I don’t want to hear any more stories about early-arriving babies! Although I guess I could feel different in 12 weeks as my belly is growing rapidly. I actually managed to burn it against the oven the other night (not badly though, I can still jump quick). There’s a tiny spot where heat escapes and I was leaning over to stir a pan and I stick out a bit further now!
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where we ramble on about the weekend and try to forget it’s still monday.

Our first guests from Canada that aren’t blood relatives are arriving friday for the weekend. This has brought on all the normal reflections about the state of our house (yes, it is that messy) and generated hours of discussion about what the best parts of Aberdeenshire are. Generating discussion is good, since it means we stop talking about the baby and our jobs for a while, which happens too rarely these days.

We’ve had guests before, mainly family, although H came up from London for a weekend last summer. But S&T are the first visitors who’ve chosen to come and spend their precious vacation time with us all the way from Canada – which is pretty cool. I think both of us are hoping the weather cooperates and lets us show off the scenery at it’s best.

Pregnancy-wise: we’ve just heard back from the NCT about the prenatal classes we’d signed up for back in the fall. The course is 6 weeks, but doesn’t start until the 30th of May, or exactly 6 weeks and four days before my due date. So either we’ll be lucky and have an overdue baby, or we might be winging this parenting thing without a few of the sessions. I’m not thrilled, but we’ve heard that the classes are excellent and don’t want to switch at this point to the NHS ones. There’s another couple in the class in the same boat, due three days after us, so it’s a wee bit strange that the NCT is timing this so close. First babies are normally late right?
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Happy Birthday Gemma

Our flooring adventures are finished and we’re now loving the new look upstairs. We got addicted to wood floors in our otherwise-standard apt in Vancouver and now nothing else appeals.

After flooring, we made our weekly pilgrimage to the city centre on saturday to get more coffee beans. Seriously, if there wasn’t a fantastic coffee roaster in town we might have had to leave. Stocked up in both regular and decaff (no need to pass our caffeine addictions to our unborn child), we then headed home via the pub. Doreen was working at the bar and came by our table to check on us & made us promise to come back often so she could see how my pregnancy was going. Aberdonians have an undeserved reputation for unfriendliness, we’ve found that while they’re not as overtly gregarious as others, given time they offer a true warmth which is much better.

Pregnancy-wise: The wee one kicks hard enough for Cory to feel, and the other night while we were snuggling in bed, it gave a really big boot. We laughed ourselves silly when we realized that one of his first interactions with his child, quite literally, was a kick in the ass.
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home renovations

There was a time when I was quite jealous of all the people I know who’d managed to buy a house. Homes in Vancouver weren’t cheap (understatement) and it meant a lot to us to be able to buy this one. However, with a house comes home renovations, and even minor ones can turn complicated pretty quick.

Our two bedrooms upstairs were carpeted when we moved in with a cheap sort of neutral carpet that had been stained and abraided along busy paths. So one of our first priorities was to replace the flooring. We’re huge wooden floor fans so we bought some birch flooring and arranged for someone to come in and install it (since tool rental would have cost half of the installation price). Thursday went great, with the spare room floor finished & looking fabulous. Yesterday though I got a phone call from Cory at 3pm asking me to check around the office and see if anyone knew any plumbers.

One of the nails from the flooring had pierced a radiator pipe and leaked water through the living room ceiling. Fortunately they caught it quickly and it looks like the only damage is a small crack in the plaster. A friend from C’s work sent her boyfriend who’s a plumber over to give us a hand and we had the heat up and running by about 7pm last night. On the bad side, half the room’s new flooring had to be ripped up to get at the leak and we’ve now a hole in the floor that’s been drying out. On the good side, the guy who’s installing it is awesome and will be back today to fix it all. And, fortunately, he owns a guesthouse just down the road from us and put us up there last night because we weren’t going to have a comfortable bed in here.

Thank goodness we didn’t buy a fixer-upper!

Pregnancy-wise: I think my belly exploded this week. All of sudden it’s definitely sticking out from the rest of my body. The wee one’s kicking more vigourously too so the other night in bed we actually could see my skin moving in response. It’s probably the best part of my pregnancy so far…
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march comes in like a lion …

While this can’t compete with Newfoundland, the snow we’ve gotten in the past three days is amazing, and there’s no sign of it stopping. No sooner does Cory shovel the sidewalk than we get another few inches, even between shovelling this morning and leaving for work (which took him almost two hours on foot yesterday since the buses were hardly moving). It’s currently also a thunder and lightening storm here, which has turned the soft flakes into mini-snowballs. It’s not hail, but it’s not snow either.

Up until today I’ve been walking to work but because I’ve been having a lot of pain in my ligaments due to stretching, I didn’t want to walk in (over 3 km) so I’m working from home. While these crampy pains can drop me to my knees when they occur, the midwife thinks they’re normal and unless they get worse, I’m fine to just stay home and rest. Pregnancy is a lot more work than I expected.

I was away all last week in Oban for meetings, and then we had a lovely birthday weekend (guess who turned 30) in Edinburgh to celebrate. It was lovely to have a city break, as Aberdeen’s a bit on the small side when it comes to having a wide variety of cafes and bistros. I think I had the best vegetarian enchilada of my life.
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