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spring sprung

With the start of long sunny evenings, lawns to mow, and patios to visit, spring feels like it is finally here. I’m missing my bike rides this year (Cory’s loving them as usual) but I’m still very pleased to be able to get outdoors in relative comfort.

Pregnancy-wise: I went to my first pregnancy yoga class today. While normally I’m not a yoga person, I like to run around and be active rather than slow down and center myself, right now it’s great. My belly is starting to get a wee bit uncomfortable and taking the time to relax and stretch out feels good. Plus being surrounded by other bellies is relaxing – I felt way more normal than I feel at work these days.

We also bought our first major baby purchase, a cot and mattress from John Lewis. This was actually a Christmas gift from my grandfather to our wee one and it was nice to finally be able to purchase it. Now that we’re firmly in the third trimester it’s time to start shopping we guess, I may not feel like traipsing around the shops come June.
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easter in belfast

We spent Easter weekend in Belfast visiting extended family (we visited before on our honeymoon, and they visited us in Vancouver), which is why things have been quite here for a bit. It was a great trip and we’re both looking forward to going back in the future and hopefully having Heather come visit us here soon.

Pregnancy-wise: I take back everything I said two weeks ago about finally getting good at this. All these new hormones have sent me on an emotional rollercoaster recently and that coupled with a bad cut on my pinkie finger has made the last week a bit of a funk. This picture shows a bit of my new figure, if you’d like to check out my latest expansion, leave us a message.

And about that cut on my finger … all quilters will know about the crazy sharp rotary cutters we use to slice and dice our fabric and exactly how easy it would be to let your mind wander and nip a finger, which is why I feel so stupid about the whole thing. Fortunately Cory was amazing and this experience convinced me that during childbirth I’ll be able to rely on him completely to negotiate with the hospital staff and take good care of me and the wee one.
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not quite spring

while the flowers are finally blooming in some spots, the weather here’s been wintery – snow and frost many mornings. As this is only our second spring here it’s hard to make generalizations about the weather but everyone else we’ve talked to has confirmed that this winter is lasting longer than normal.

We had Don and Pat (C’s uncle and aunt) visiting last week which was great. We got a chance to play hosts in our house, and it was nice to repay the hospitality they’ve shown us when we’ve visited them. Plus they’re easy guests; enthusiastic, helpful, and full of good conversation. It makes us feel a bit more connected to talk with family about family and to get those hugs we seldom get.

Pregnancy-wise: we might actually be getting good at this! Today’s the last day of my second trimester and I’m feeling better than I have since the end of October. Aside from all the weight I’m lugging around, I feel great and the constant kicks from the wee one are absolutely lovely.
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