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Duncan Lawrence Amundrud’s Homecoming

Duncan’s at home and currently sound asleep in his pram. We’re both in awe of the little guy, that he’s part of us and yet his own person in his own right. He’s named after my grandfather’s side of the family, family and long time readers will remember that Duncan is my mom’s maiden name.

I’m very glad to be home. The hospital was fine, and our roommates were super, but four adults and four babies is not a quiet combination. Last night sleeping in my own bed, cuddling with my husband and staring over at the cot that held my (fussy) baby was really perfect.

All the normal baby stresses; lack of sleep, sore & cracked nipples, the uncomfortableness of pushing out a baby (including stitches), and the constant worry about if he’s okay, are nothing compared with the moments when he’s nestled up against one of us and relaxed. Still, we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of my mom on the 9th to help us take care of him and ourselves… sometimes two pairs of hands aren’t even enough!

Duncan’s a lucky guy, along with parents who are absolutely in love with him, he’s got a great extended family and the best godparents in the world (Michelle Pidduck, Cory’s cousin, and Lawrence Amundrud, Cory’s uncle). All of the emails of support have been great, we really appreciate everyone’s good wishes and we’ll try to respond in the next few weeks when things settle down.

Birth Story (potentially TMI)

Duncan arrived after 20 hours of labour on Sunday night. Labour wasn’t exactly as we’d hoped. I started contracting every 3 minutes very early on and after about 5cm dilation there was no actual break between contractions, just a slight decrease in pain. All our plans to try various birthing positions, the TENS machine, and the birthing pool made a huge difference early on in labour. I was up and walking around at 5pm to go to the cafeteria for food, but by 8pm and 8 cm things had changed extremely fast and I ended up needing an epidural. It’s amazing, but by then my fear of a needle in my back was non-existant and all I was worried about was how to make it through the next few hours. Fortunately our anaesthesiologist was fantastic and my epidural made it so I couldn’t feel the contractions but could feel to push so except for a small episiotomy, Duncan arrived without any assistance! I couldn’t have done it without Cory though, he was my rock thoughout the whole process and really kept me pushing at the end. I know that babies show up regardless, but I would have needed way more intervention if I hadn’t had the best birthing partner in the world.

My recovery’s been very easy, and I feel lucky that I’m able to bounce back physically so quickly. Duncan was fine right away, he did go with Cory and the midwife for a non-emergency quick shot of oxygen after he was born while I was stitched up. We’re really pleased with the level of care at the hospital and the home visits from the midwife today and for the next few days and overall this birth experience has been a pretty good one! Still, no siblings are planned for the next few years…
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Day 2

Duncan was born at 23:50 on June 25th (halfway to Christmas!), which was two weeks early. He weighed 3160 grams (6 lb, 15.5 oz) and is 48 cm long.

Duncan currently spends most of the day (at least when I see him) sleeping, squeeking, and staring back at us. I’m sorry I did not put a picture of Duncan with his eyes open but honestly, there are none yet since we just sit there looking back; too engrossed to grab the camera. Maybe tomorrow.

Mother and son are doing great and are expected home tomorrow. Sorry this post is so short but I should get some sleep.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I can’t wait until Duncan can read all the wonderful welcomes!
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I’m Duncan



We don’t have full length mirrors in our house, not for any reason, but just because we haven’t got around to buying any. The result is that I rarely get a good view of how my body looks, so when Cory showed me this picture on Sunday I just about fell over in shock. Am I really that big? (his answer – yes!)

see them all
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37 weeks (and definitely counting!)

New: 37 week belly photo

The past week has easily been the toughest part of this pregnancy. Physically I’m exhausted (insomnia), uncomfortable, and swollen. My feet and ankles are not a pretty sight these days, but I wont scar anyone with pictures. Emotionally I’m having a tough time balancing work and the baby, trying to have all my projects in order before I’m off while my maternity leave itself is still up in the air. (I do have decent leave, but my projects would suffer if I was off for a full year so we’re trying to find some sort of middle ground.)

Women often talk about looking forward to having a few weeks to themselves before the birth, but honestly, I’m more than ready for this baby to arrive, anytime they want! Sure my house wont be clean and we might have to scramble a wee bit to get ready, but babies born at 37 weeks are considered full term. Since babies born at 41 weeks are too, it feels like we’ve entered into a strange waiting time where all that I’m doing is dragging myself through the days until something happens…

Sing it now… Let’s go OILERS, Let’s go!!
(that was Cory)
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I’m not sure if C meant to let me post this picture, but he’s gone golfing and wont find out until morning when he checks the internet over coffee. We had a good time last night trying out the new baby carrier so we’d know what we were doing when there’s actually a baby to carry in it. Of course a teddy bear doesn’t weigh as much, or wiggle as much as a newborn, but at least we’ve resisted the urge to take the pram out loaded down with a sack of potatoes. So far it’s just made circles around the house…

I’d talk about something other than the baby, but honestly, after work I’m too tired to do anything else. Having a baby is not like getting married. A month before my wedding I was in the Arctic on a research cruise having an amazing experience. Now I’m using a mirror to check the underside of my belly for stretch marks (none yet). Still, the closer we get to meeting our baby, the more worthwhile all the discomfort (and sometimes pain) is. C’s been amazing and taken great care of me (cooking fabulous healthy meals) and we feel pretty lucky to be where we are.
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false labour and laughter

Have I mentioned how stunning the scenery is around here? This picture is from last weekend, but yesterday we found our way to the Creel Inn which has an equally stunning cliff top location looking out over the North Sea. The food was amazing, and plentiful. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get there.

So I’ve now found out what false labour feels like. Fortunately we covered it in our prenatal class last tuesday so we were well aware it wasn’t actually time! We were walking to the pub and I ended up hanging off Cory for a while in the park. Honestly it just felt so strange that I ended up laughing. Definitely uncomfortable but so bizarre that laughter felt like the right reaction.

p.s. Jenny and Mike are having their little boy tomorrow – I’m so very excited for them! When I told Jenny I was pregnant in an email (to get her advice, she’s done all this before) and she said she was 3 weeks ahead of me I knew I’d be able to follow along and get a preview of where we were heading. Wish them luck!

35 week belly
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