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I’ve seen the future … and I like it

Duncan went seven hours between feeds last night, which meant he slept for six hours. Which means I spent six hours lying down in bed, a luxury I haven’t had since the 24th of June. Absolute heaven. I know that tonight we’ll be back in our four hourly cycle (three hours of sleep) but eventually we’ll get back to this blissful state of slumber, and I can’t wait!

In other news, it may seem funny to let your baby son suck on your fingers, your shoulder, your arm, but it can go to far. I’ve a hickey on my chin to prove it. Baby suction is impressive.

I’ve just had my return to work details confirmed so I can start looking for nurseries for Duncan today. I know that there’s a lot of people who feel that a mum’s place is in the home, but as a family, we think it’s best for us if I keep working at my job. I love my research and feel that it benefits society, and it’s a powerful message to send a kid that we should all work to make the world a slightly better place.
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one month

Duncan’s one month old! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month already, as it seems like time has slipped into some sci-fi regime where time is measured in units of feeding rather than night and day. But slowly I’m growing into this new life, learning along with Duncan how we can structure our days so that we’re both rested and calm. It’s getting easier, but I’m getting more exhausted. Cumulative lack of sleep is not good.

Our health visitor suggested giving him a bottle at one of the night feeds so that I could get more rest, which sounded like a good idea. I’ve heard of babies not taking the bottle, but Cory had no trouble getting Duncan to eat. The problem came when we wanted to put him back to bed. Sleep only came after I breastfed him and that made for an even rougher night than normal. So I’m sticking with breastfeeding for a while longer. I’ll do anything for a couple hours of sleep.

But I’m amazingly happy with my little man. Sure, the hormone fluctuations are rough, and my recovery from labour was long, but not once in the past month have I looked at Duncan and not felt a huge wave of love for him. Every day gets better, as he learns to smile, or turn his head at the sound of my voice. I know that he knows that I’m his mum, the one that feeds him and comforts him and changes his nappies. When he’s hungry and I start walking to the rocking chair, he calms down, knowing food is on the way. When he’s tired he knows that his daddy will put him to bed, and he really responds to us. It’s amazing how quickly he learns and how much he takes in. Our little boy is no longer a newborn and I’m so excited to see him grow.

Cory’s offshore right now, two nights away from home, and I’m missing him already. I have both of my parents here with me, so it’s not like I’ve been abandoned, and him going away now means that he wont have to go later when I wouldn’t have the support, but I do miss being a team.



dr. jekell and mr. hyde

We’ve had a fussy couple of days here at our house leading to even more sleep deprivation for mummy, nana, and daddy. The moments when he’s sleeping peacefully are fabulous, but there’s all too many moments when he’s not.

Still, we’re not complaining! (Okay maybe a wee bit about the thrush infection in my breasts, but not really.) Duncan’s continued to gain weight, up to 9lbs 3oz today, and over the past 25 days has put on over a full kg. He feels like my big boy now, although I know that’s just in comparison to how small he was at birth.

Even with the sleep deprivation, I’m starting to feel a lot more like myself again too. I actually went for a run today, albeit a very short one that included a fair bit of walking. Since this is the first time I’ve run since before I was pregnant, I’m not too worried about how far I’m running and just thrilled that I actually can. I’ve really missed being able to work out during the past 10 months. I gained a total of 38 pounds in pregnancy (well above the recommended 25 lbs!) so I’m no where near my regular weight right now but I’m not in a rush to get back into my old jeans (I bought new ones in a larger size). What I do miss is being in shape, and it seems like I can start, when I get a spare few minutes, to get back that sense of myself again!
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bigger and better

I’ve gotten flak for not updating the website more often, but honestly, this new mum thing takes up all of my time. If I’m not breastfeeding, I’m cuddling him, changing him, or lying down and trying to rest. Things are going great here though, last thursday on Duncan’s weekly weigh-in he was up to 8 lbs and 6 oz, or 1 lb and 7 oz bigger than his birth weight. Hopefully this Thursday he’ll have continued to grow (though maybe not as fast), he does seem to be outgrowing his newborn baby clothes at a fantastic rate!

This past week’s been a special one as we’ve noticed a huge change in Duncan. He’s following us with his eyes and starting to really express himself with his facial features. My mom is convinced that he’s the most expressive baby she’s ever seen – but then she’s biased.

My mom, Duncan’s Nana, has been our saviour this week. I know that we’d have managed somehow without having her here, but I know we’d have not been as happy, as rested, as well-fed, or as calm without her. Along with making us dinner and cuddling Duncan, she’s volunteered to take the morning stretch after his second feed (from about 4am on) which means I get a couple hours of real sleep each night. I think those hours are what keeps me sane.

Nights have been a bit of an adventure in the Amundrud house. I had visions of sleeping next to Duncan, him in his cot, me in bed, waking to gaze adoringly at my lovely son. In reality, my lovely son snores, snorts, and squeaks at amazing volume levels – so his cot has been moved to the other side of the bedroom and we alternate sleeping with earplugs in. I have no idea how a tiny baby can make so much noise, even our health visitor said he’s one of the loudest babies she’s ever heard. Since I’m a light sleeper, that makes my nights quite restless and his mornings with my mom really help.
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Duncan has a friend over to play …

Duncan had his first friend come by to play last night, although both he and A might have been up a wee bit past their bedtimes.
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growing boy

Is it now incredibly dull that the only thing we want to talk about is our lovely loon? He’s been gaining weight quickly, up 200 grams (7 oz) from his birth weight already and we can see the difference in his new chubby fingers and double chin. He’s also recently stepped up his feeding, so the five hours between feeds at night that was letting me get some sleep has been reduced to three and a half. Cory and I are both pretty tired today. Duncan of course, is perfectly content.

He loves both the sling and the soft carrier as they keep him snug against one of the two of us. It does make for difficulty eating when I’ve got to manage to get food into my mouth without spilling on him (okay, so I dropped parmesan cheese all over his tummy yesterday (and eating unpasteurized cheese again is great!)). However, the past two days we’ve managed to get out to the pub to watch the last thirty minutes of the tour de france and he’s been as good as gold while nestled into Cory’s chest. Originally I thought Duncan would be arriving in perfect time for Cory to get to watch the mountain stages during his paternity leave, but the sprint finishes on these early stages have been exciting too.

New parents best friends:

  • online grocery shopping
  • sunny weather perfect for walks
  • DVD membership at the local library (we’re watching season one of MASH right now)
  • comfy baby carriers (multiple mentions well deserved)
  • a washer and a dryer!
  • lanolin nipple cream
  • lots of coffee for dad
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  • Happy Canada Day

    We had planned a bbq for today, imagining my belly would be very big but we’d otherwise have time to socialize and chat. Instead, I’m having a way better day staring at my son, getting cuddles and squeezes, and hanging out with my hubby. Life’s pretty good.

    We went for a big walk yesterday to Duthie Park and back, over 3km in total, and today I’m very sore. It’s easy to forget that I’ve just given birth because now that there’s not a head stuck in my pelvis, I feel so much more mobile. But obviously I need to take it easier for a while so today I’m lying on the couch trying to rest and basking in the sunlight pouring through the window.
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