Glen Esk and Loch Lee

The rain this morning is pooling on my patio, huge heavy drops, and is probably leaking into the eaves upstairs but yesterday was glorious, with deep blue skies and crisp fall air. We spend the afternoon exploring Glen Esk, just west off the road joining Fettercairn and Edzell.

Duncan found himself buckled in again into his stroller (now extra cosy with his fleecy sleeping bag) and we walked a few kilometers up the glen past Invermark Castle, which was built around 1526, and now sits as a ruined tower house. It’s impressively tall for its girth, and with no windows would have been quite dark inside. The doorway is up on the first floor (the second floor in Canadian convention), so there’s no entrance from ground level. Everytime I see these tower houses, which are dotted everywhere in the local landscape, I’m amazed at how unsettled life must have been to require people to live in such inhospitable dwellings.

There’s a ruined church at Loch Lee dating back to 1645, a long narrow building surrounded by old graves and walled off from the loch itself. I’ve never seen a more beautiful setting, with the glen narrowing into steep hills right at this point. We walked a bit further along the loch and the second picture gives a good idea of the setting.

Of course as much as every cloud has a silver lining, every sunny day has it’s trials, and for Duncan it was just too bright. On the walk in we had to hide him from the sun with a muslin square for a sunshade, but at least he could take in the view on the way back. This kid is going to be so spoiled by beautiful scenery that it’ll take a lot to impress him as an adult…




2 Bitter Lemons

  1. becca says:

    What an amazingly lovely setting for an ancient church and sweet photos of your beautiful child! There is no beauty like Scotland in the sun … I miss my days over there so much and it is always fun to visit your blog to be reminded of days gone by!

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow, you guys sure do get around! Always out on a new excursion, showing the world to Duncan. :)

  3. Amanda says:

    Wow, you guys sure do get around! Always out on a new excursion, showing the world to Duncan. :)

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