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eight months and more excitement

Month 8 has been so much more fun than month 7!. You’re crawling over things and standing and furniture walking and it feels like it’s all happened at once. It’s so great to hang out with you and watch you crawl all over me and pull yourself up to see what’s going on. It’s like you’ve really tuned in to the world and I’m getting to watch along with you.

We went away on adventure this last weekend to Stirling and the highlight was staying with you in a fancy hotel. You were super considerate of the other guests and behaved like a real gentleman at dinner – by far the longest fanciest meal we’ve asked you to sit through yet. But we were prepared with your absolutely favourite snacks, the ones that make you squeal and snort when you see me open the bag. I think you ate about twenty – quietly without mess too.

You still need to work on the sleeping though, it’s much better, but I’m sure you can ace it if you try. We know that you’re hungry at 4:30 am, which is totally fine by us, but if you could please go back to sleep after that and not get up until 6 am it’d be greatly appreciated. Not because we want to do anything as boring as sleep – we’re up having showers and getting our breakfasts so that when you wake Daddy’s ready to play with you. Mummy’s trying to get to work before 7am every morning now so that she can get work done so that’s why she’s not around in the mornings, but I know you and your daddy will enjoy your special morning time.

Daddy had a birthday this month too, he turned 31 on the 26th, one day after you turned 8 months. Fortunately everyone was good and remembered to make a fuss over him. It can be easy for adults to get forgotten in your dust… But you got Daddy a new ipod (along with Grandma Etcher) and he was absolutely thrilled.


Getting use to limits. Too bad they’re not that tasty.

1000 km

We made the 1000 km mark on the buggy this week, uneventfully as I walked him home from nursery on Thursday afternoon. A thousand kms sounds like a lot (621 miles) but spread over the almost 8 months of Duncan, it’s still only about 4 km a day. It sounded a lot more impressive when we checked the road map and found that I’ve walked Duncan as far as Plymouth! ( how far did we get? – although google thinks it takes 13.5 hours and it’s taken me over 200!)

I honestly believe that all the walking has been really good for the two of us as well. It’s helped me get back in shape (and lose all the extra weight), it helped me sleep during my bouts of insomnia, and it really soothes Duncan when he’s having a rough day. Aberdeen’s a wonderful city to walk in too, as the city is compact and walkable. Living in a suburb would have made it difficult to get out and explore as much as we have.

Now that I’m back at work we don’t have as much time for walks as we used to. I’m still walking to work as well, which means by the time we get home in the afternoons, I’ve already covered 8km (only 1.5 km with D) and my feet are normally sore. I miss our lazy walks though, checking out shops and finding the best stinky cheese in Rosemount or picking up the loveliest sticky cakes from the new bakery in the west-end…. But not enough to wax nostalgic over those months – I’m so much more in love with the waddling, standing, playing, smiling, laughing, crawling Duncan than I ever could have imagined four months ago.

Papa gave Duncan the nickname “Fang” when the first tooth arrived, but now that he’s got a pair, Papa’s going to have to think up a new name!

We’ve had a busy weekend fixing up the playroom (the former dining room) to be a great place for us to hang out. We’ve got a futon sofa there for grandparent visitors, new curtains, a safety gate at the door, and plastic bins full of toys. It’s actually turned into a lovely room to have breakfast and hang out with Duncan while we drink coffee and listen to the radio. Not a bad life… It also means that we have a child-free space in the living room which is a luxurious place to relax once Duncan’s in bed. I’m really starting to feel like myself again instead of just a milk machine and it’s nice to have our own space back.
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winter light

Yes sunlight can feel like a rare commodity this far north (57 degrees) but it’s absolutely gorgeous when we get it! I love how the grass glows at midday.

I could post about how we’ve had the flu recently, or about how Duncan’s learned to pull himself upright to standing and insists on climbing up everything in his reach. I’m tempted to also post about the indignity of being a working mother and having to express milk in the dirtiest smelliest toilet ever. It’s something that the breastfeeding counsellors don’t prepare you for, instead talking about quiet breastfeeding rooms at work. That’s great – until you have to travel for business. Tuesday at 4pm I was staring at myself in the filthy window of the baby room in Liverpool Station as I pumped and dumped to make sure my supply wouldn’t decrease just because I was away for a day.

But instead I’ll talk about my bike ride last sunday with Vicki – we rode out to Peterculter on the old deeside line. Riding with women is different than riding with the guys, we aren’t as competitive, are more into pleasure than pain. And more into the food afterwards. The guys picked us up after our ride and we all drove out to the farm shop on the Finzean Estate for a fantastic lunch in an amazing setting. I love food. More than most other luxuries, a good meal is my idea of heaven.
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