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13. Imagination

What an awesome month this has been. There’s been lots of rainy days and a round of immunizations and fevers but overall, this month’s been the best yet. Duncan’s got an imagination and it’s made a brilliant appearance over the past two months to finally blossom into a full-fledged good time. We play games that he’s invented (sleeping – awake), we ‘talk’ on the phone, and he helps around the house – sweeping and cleaning up after himself. More often than not it’s him who leads our play time, and I love learning what he considers fun. Songs are a huge hit of course, but so is football, drumming, playing with cars, and copy cat. He had all of us, including my mom and Bompa, following his every move as he patted his head, clapped his hands and waved in turns – all accompanied by five voices joined in laughter and glee.

Off to the park now – it’s not raining!

Bompa, Duncan, and Nana. I had to take seven shots before finally getting this one. Duncan was a star, but trying to get the adults to look at the camera was trickier!

four generations and fourth cousins

If must be rare to have four generations of a family in one place, and even rarer to have two sets. Especially when the littlest ones happen to be fourth cousins. But that’s exactly what we had on Monday afternoon when Robin and Anne came over from Belfast to visit Julianne and Ellie in Dundee and they all came up to see us. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of Duncan trying to hold Ellie’s hand – too bad she’d have nothing to do with him!

From l-r: Robin, Anne, Julianne, Ellie, Duncan, Trish, Judy, Murray. Photo taken by the much-teased father of Ellie who had to put up with us all day.

After our gorgeous weather last Sunday, things have reverted to the mid-March conditions we’ve been experiencing for the rest of the summer. Honestly I’ve gotten use to the foul weather now… But I’m feeling better, more human, less mummy, than I have for months and that’s been great. It’s not a physical thing, I’m still breastfeeding at least once a day, but a emotional one. Duncan’s turned into a really fun little boy who plays games, communicates (not in words but in actions), and loves being silly. Now that he’s such a complete and often independent person, I think I’m feeling more like my own separate self. And the silliness – it’s so liberating to hop around your kitchen imitating your toddler. He loves it, we love it, and it beats my yoga class hands down for stress relief!
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the first (and last) day of summer

Nana’s brought the sunshine with her to Aberdeen. We’ve got Bompa here as well (we miss you Papa!) and have been loving the first few warm days of summer. Today we took Duncan to the beach and he spent a long time on his sandpit construction, building a nice hole that was a perfect size for a wee bum to rest. Once sitting in his hole, he proceeded to do a little dance, definitely a beach bum!

This may very well be the only summer day in Aberdeen this year. After weeks of rain, fog, cold, and cloud, today was blue blue sky, just like all last July when D was a newborn. But the pessimist in me (and in my neighbours! the verdict on the street is “it can’t last”) wonders what we’ll wake up to tomorrow…
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cory’s idea of heaven

We spent the weekend visiting Elspeth and Tim and indulging in some long-awaited treats. Cory got to see the prologue for the tour de france, I visited one of my best friends, we both ate real sushi for the first time since Vancouver, and Duncan spent lots of time playing in the sun. I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend. Except maybe sleeping in, but Duncan wasn’t keen on the idea.

The Tour was wonderful! There were a million people happily taking turns at the barricades to watch the riders, and the rest of the time sitting on blankets watching the screens. With the crowds I would have expected that it’d be impossible to get a good view, but everyone was moving around enough that a place at the front wasn’t impossible. Cory got some fantastic photos of the riders but this one that I took is my favourite. You can see how thrilled one of my boys is and the other looks fascinated…

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two weeks with grandma

The last time Grandma and Duncan hung out we got a great picture of him cuddled up with her, head on shoulder, sound asleep. This time Duncan’s been showing Grandma castles and stone circles and stacking blocks – and cuddles have been replaced with giggles, conversations made entirely of farting noises, and reading books. One year olds have much more to show and tell and very little time for snuggle breaks (or at least ours doesn’t!).

Duncan showing Grandma Dunnottar Castle

I’ve been back at work full-time for a week and it’s been an easy transition so far since I’ve known that Duncan was getting some special one-on-one time with Grandma (and Cory had extra vacation too). Next week reality will set in as Duncan starts nursery full-time, but by now he seems really ready and we expect he’ll thrive as normal!
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