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separate adventures

loch lomond
After being joined at the hip for the first year of parenting, we’re sprouting wings and trying things on our own. Cory was away for work last week and this was the view from his bedroom window. At least I took him to Norway with me!

Being home alone with Duncan was actually easier than I imagined. I’m glad that I’m lucky enough not to have to do it on a regular basis but it all went well and D and I had lots of giggles, perhaps even more than when there’s two adults talking to each other. Nancy Mitford’s delightful The Blessing has a protagonist who does everything he can to keep his parents from getting back together so he can get more attention. He’s on to something there – but Duncan’s out of luck. Plus it was just one night so microwave meals made things simpler than normal.


We did have family adventures this weekend though, exploring Aboyne in the rain yesterday and then today visiting Johnshaven harbour where a low tide really is a low tide. The finale was a grand lunch in Inverbervie of fish and chips. One of the other diners (who’s average age was about 80) had a bit of a seizure while we were there – poor woman – but she came out of it okay and was sitting up chatting by the time the ambulance arrived. I always feel so helpless in situations like that – I feel that my decades-old lifeguard skills should be more useful than they invariably are. Fortunately this time another patron really did know her first aid and took control right away.

But now I’m off to have a solo trip – this week is a conference in Helsinki and a big deal for me – leaving Duncan overnight. (My boss didn’t exactly inspire confidence when he said “are you abandoning Duncan then?”) I love these trips to northern countries, and Finland completes the trio for me (Sweden in 2005 and Norway this spring). Unfortunately the local hockey teams aren’t playing any home games while I’m there…

Duncan summit!
Photo evidence that last weekend’s hike was more laid back than the week before – see text in the upper right corner for details!

making faces, hanging out

Klingon Impression

If my son is ever short of a job, he can always get work on star trek – no makeup needed. Check out that nose! Plus, not quite visible in this picture is a chipped front tooth which adds to the tough aura. How he chipped a tooth we’re not sure, but the dentist assures us it’s not a problem and he’ll probably do it again. (He is a monkey so I’m not that suprised).

This weekend was a totally laid back weekend with lots of time walking around, many hours in the park, and only a small (more muscle-friendly hike). If only every day was a Saturday…

And hip-hip-hoorah for Sam and Kim who are home from the hospital after a bit of a scare (no harm done – we’ll check Colin’s hair for grey next time we see him). Sending lots of love their way!


Setting out

Adventures with a toddler are so great. I feel so lucky to be where we are right now – hanging out at home with a glass of wine, a happy sleeping kid, and that slow burn in my muscles that says we worked hard today.


We decided to go on our first real hike since Duncan was born – meaning the first time we’d picked a route we’d have picked pre-kid too. Once we’d slathered up in baby sunscreen (SPF 50 works because it’s opague) we set out to walk 10 km in 2 hours (to make our lunch date with Millie, Fiona, and Michael). It might have been a bit ambitious.

“Tough walk dad – why is mum looking so pale?” It was a bit too windy to take Duncan right to the top but he had a great time running around the almost summit.

Am I repeating myself too much if I tell you how absolutely gorgeous it is in Aberdeenshire? But don’t all come and visit at once – I love the lack of crowds.