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the park in winter will be cold


I hadn’t really thought it through. Every weekend we go to the park at least once, maybe twice, and hang out at the playground while D makes friends and pretends to be a monkey. It was never really warm this year in Aberdeen so we were always bundled up in sweaters or jackets, but last weekend was a bit of a shock. There’s a big difference between 15 degrees and 5 degrees. Fortunately the winter gardens are indoors and heated … we quickly relocated there and played with the stones in the arid house.

I’m struggling a bit for things to post about now that life’s back in our regular pattern: work-nursery-frantically feed Duncan before he turns into a monster from hunger the minute we walk through the door each evening. Of course last month I was claiming I was too busy on vacation to post – so maybe it’s a weak excuse. We’ll try to have some glorious excitement this weekend to spice up the site – and then there’s always Hallowe’en. Stay tuned for the cutest costume ever …

ode to a walk


We went for a autumn walk today and Duncan spent some happy minutes finding pinecones whereever he looked. I love our hikes, even the parts at toddler-speed, because it’s such a good time for us all to slow down and recharge. I had a 13 hour day travelling to and from a meeting on Friday and spent Saturday crashed out on the couch (or as much as it’s possible to crash on the couch with Duncan around) so today was a nice contrast. Some people garden (like the newly 30 Elspeth) while others might run, or drink coffee and read the paper. For me, just getting out and walking, without a nagging to-do list in the back of my head, is by far the best break. Sure I’m behind at six million things at work, Duncan’s got some sort of eczema on his face that I need to get looked at, the house is a bit of a mess, and maybe I should find some time to shave my legs; but when we’re out on a walk, there really isn’t anything else I can be doing, we’re all three of us happy, and time feels way less rushed.

15. vacation in toronto!


It’s really nice to go on vacation but it means that things get a bit delayed. Like Duncan’s 15 month entry – here you are closer to 16 months and I still haven’t written about what a cool month the last one was.!

We spent two weeks with Nana and Papa and Bompa in Toronto and i was amazed to watch you play the way I used to. Painting the walls was always a favourite and it was warm enough that we didn’t have to worry about you getting chilled. Duncan I remember doing this – you can’t be old enough already to be playing the games your mummy can remember playing…


And we took a further trip into my childhood by going apple picking. Even though it was a sweltering (for us) 29 degrees, you had a blast and it was all we could do to prevent you from tasting every fallen apple you could find.


Because your parents come from such a big country, we couldn’t face the thought of flying further to Saskatchewan – so lucky us – Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. You even got to meet Great-Grandma Etcher, how many lucky little boys have three great-grandparents? It can’t be that common!


Toronto was way bigger than I remember (does the city double every year?) and after living in smaller cities, too big for my liking. It doesn’t feel at all like the city I grew up in. But in some ways that’s good, because along with the city getting bigger, so are the playgrounds. And the best has to be High Park’s Adventure Playground, while the zoo next to it hasn’t changed that much since my grandfather used to visit it as a kid.

it’s been a while part I: Finland


I was convinced when I left Finland that I loved Norway and Sweden wayyy better. However Norway treated us extremely well, with perfect weather, and while I was in Sweden I hung out at a bar and watched hockey. So maybe I’m biased, and two rainy days in Helsinki plus getting up at 3am Scottish time to make my flight home pluswith forgetting my ipod on the flight (I’m getting it back amazingly via the Helsinki lost and found) isn’t really a fair scenario to judge a city!

Helsinki was a lovely though, the food (reindeer steak) was amazing, and the shopping looked fantastic. If I was rich and wanted to explore stores full of gorgeous modern furniture and home accessories, Helsinki would be the place to be. Since I’m not rich, and had to spend most of my time in a conference, I didn’t end up even window shopping, but was very intrigued. And maybe that’s the difference. Gothenburg seemed civilized, green, and oh-so-livable, while Bergen was a miniature and more attractive Vancouver, but Helsinki felt more stylish than anywhere I’d ever seen. Maybe I was intimidated…

on vacation

having too much fun and without the proper software… talk to you soon!