it’s been a while part I: Finland


I was convinced when I left Finland that I loved Norway and Sweden wayyy better. However Norway treated us extremely well, with perfect weather, and while I was in Sweden I hung out at a bar and watched hockey. So maybe I’m biased, and two rainy days in Helsinki plus getting up at 3am Scottish time to make my flight home pluswith forgetting my ipod on the flight (I’m getting it back amazingly via the Helsinki lost and found) isn’t really a fair scenario to judge a city!

Helsinki was a lovely though, the food (reindeer steak) was amazing, and the shopping looked fantastic. If I was rich and wanted to explore stores full of gorgeous modern furniture and home accessories, Helsinki would be the place to be. Since I’m not rich, and had to spend most of my time in a conference, I didn’t end up even window shopping, but was very intrigued. And maybe that’s the difference. Gothenburg seemed civilized, green, and oh-so-livable, while Bergen was a miniature and more attractive Vancouver, but Helsinki felt more stylish than anywhere I’d ever seen. Maybe I was intimidated…

One Bitter Lemon

  1. Elspeth says:

    I missed out on my Finland trip, and ended up in Gothenburg instead! I’m interested in your views, though, as I’ll probably go to Helsinki later this year. I agreee with you on Gothenburg and Bremen, so I wonder what I’ll make of Helsinki…

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