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17: wrestlemania and omega-3

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Giant Xylophone, Castle Fraser adventure park.

17 months. Looking back a year, I seem to have been a lot more thoughtful, a lot more centered than I am now. In the rush of working in a stressful job full time and then the panic of walking in the door at 4:30 with a child who’s desparate for his dinner, any time to think seems misplaced. A year ago I was eagerly anticipating returning to work – this year I’m still falling asleep at 8pm each night. Where can I find that elusive life-work balance that I was naively expecting?

And to top off my month, Cory’s decamped into Duncan’s room. Something about me coughing all night long … although sometimes I suspect it’s partly the fact that Duncan’s room is the only room with heating during the middle of the night. Do you know how cold my toes are each time I roll over? We live in a granite house without insulation!

But this is a monthly update and I’m supposed to talk about Duncan. When he’s ten he’ll be able to read all of these updates and find out that this month he took great glee in farting (and can almost fart on command). He’s also grown recently, finally getting into 12-18 month clothing and reaching hands into new territory. Nothing in the house seems safe from his curiosity these days! It’s a frustrating age, 17 months. He’s old enough to have strong opinions, but still too young to be able to communicate them fully (although 90% of what he wants to do we wouldn’t let him no matter how clearly he spoke since it involves eating cookies or climbing on the dining room table). But aside from the inevitable clashes of will (what happens when they’re too big for you to win by strength alone?) D’s having a great time playing with toys, exploring all areas of the house, and asserting his cheeky self at every chance.

There were tons more things that I filed in my brain to write about this month, but only vague remanants remain. There was something about butt cheeks and wrestlemania, I can’t quite remember. However we do spend hours with Duncan jumping all over us in a boyish version of cuddling that isn’t going to win him any girlfriends when he’s older but makes my heart swell. Everything else is gone from my brain, even with the high omega-3 diet of fish sticks and salmon sandwiches that Duncan and I share on a regular basis. Oh well, trust me, life’s been fun. Not in a grand sense, but on the scale of everyday games, books, and kisses. I’m pretty lucky.

because if I wait too much longer, it’ll have been a month


Duncan will be 17 months in five days and the entry before this is the (late) 16 month one. I think I’d feel better if I took the dates off these posts and just made people guess when they were from. Although at least I’ve not got to worry about massive numbers of strangers visiting this site, our stats have gone way down along with my frequency of posts.

I think this point is where many people pack up the blog and quit, except that’s not an option for us. We hear from family and friends regularly that they’ve been by the site to see photos. They just don’t bother to comment (boo!). But then this site isn’t really a blog – my boss reads it – so it’s more of a newsletter. Would you tell your boss what you were really thinking?

We’ve had a couple of quiet rainy weeks (no pictures!) and not much on the go. D is still not talking at all but is an excellent climber and all round monkey. He’s also entered into a new jealous stage, prompted by me cuddling a friend’s new baby. Now anytime I hold another kid, he’s pushing himself into my arms. Previously I think I could have done just about anything without him noticing, so honestly there’s a part of this that’s really nice.

16. “Kiss Me” said the frog prince


Happy belated 16 months Duncan! Hallowe’en was quickly followed this year by a nasty tummy bug that’s had your mummy a bit under the weather (understatement of the year) so this post is a bit late. But I’m still glad to get a chance to show everyone how absolutely kissable this year you were as the Frog Prince. Michelle made you your costume again (lucky us) and it was perfect. Not only cute, but comfy as you wore it all day to nursery and then over to Astrid’s for a mini-party.

Life with a 16 month old is a bit challenging – especially your recent habit of refusing to eat. I can’t tell if you’re just not hungry or if you’ve decided that modern art with your meal is more attractive. Either way, lots of food gets on the table while you finger paint and very little gets in your mouth. Here’s hoping this stage doesn’t last.

But then 16 months old is a fun age to be. You play well with your friends, cuddle your stuffed doggy and teddy to bed, and wake up ready to run a race each morning – bouncing around the house. We are starting to wonder when you’ll start talking – but then you know what words mean and can follow several sentances of instructions (only if it suits you of course) so I guess it’s just a matter of time. Your daddy and papa were both late talkers – men!

Anyways Duncan, it’s time for tea, congrats on being the bestest 16 month old your parents could imagine and please consider other forms of art – I’ll supply the markers…