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18. Merry Christmas Duncan!


Merry Christmas and a happy 18 month birthday to Duncan! Wow – watching you open your stocking this morning was pure parental magic. Everything that you pulled out generated such glee, we couldn’t help but cheer along with you! It feels more like Christmas than it has for almost two decades, when I used to run into Uncle Keith’s room in the middle of the night so we could open our stockings. Now we get that Christmas magic all over again – and it’s even better to share it with you.

We took a much needed walk over to the church for the morning service and you made friends with another little boy about the same age, and just as over-excited as you were. Lucky both mummies came prepared with cookies to calm the inevitable meltdowns half way through (Christmas can be too exciting sometimes). But now, after a short nap on the way home you’re busy building Duplo with Daddy and showing us what a grown up little boy we have; last year’s crawling baby seems a very long time ago.

Your daddy and I feel so happy and blessed to have you in our lives. As much as we miss all the other family we love today, you are the best little boy we can imagine and we love you very much. Happy 18 months!

(How many gifts can I hold at once?)

Annual Christmas Family Photo. At least one of us is reasonably photogenic!

taking bets

3 months (14 weeks)

How many weeks until my belly passes Duncan’s? Feel free to browse the old belly shots for comparison purposes.

We hit the 16 week mark yesterday, and with work notified, we can finally spill the news in public – we’re thrilled to be expecting a sibling for Duncan in early June. Two under two – but only for a few weeks… We feel very lucky (knock on wood) and blessed and if this baby turns out anything like the first, we’ll be the luckiest parents in the world.

The belly shot and text comes from an often made observation at our house that after a big meal, Duncan looks about 6 months pregnant. But is it 5 months or 7? (I’m four months in two weeks and I’m still fitting into my postpartum jeans so I’ve got some catching up to do – and Duncan had just had a snack here. Next month we’ll try to catch him right after lunch.)

wee viking

I am so excited that Duncan loves the toque Cory picked out for him in Norway last summer. When has my child ever looked cuter?

We’re all thrilled with the news that Duncan has a little cousin; Carson Eric arrived two days ago and he, mom Rochelle, and dad Keith are all doing well. I’m really sad to be so far away right now so I can’t plant a soft kiss on his newborn head – but then if I was there I’d be sequestered anyways as I’ve that nasty tummy bug that’s going around and haven’t been feeling okay for a week. Turns out this is why Duncan wasn’t eating last week – and us just offering plates of food must have been hugely insulting (note to child – learn to talk! it’ll make things easier). So I’m off work this week, lying in bed most of the day trying not to puke and making brief vertical trips to the computer. Half of his nursery seems to have infected their parents too (the kids had a much milder version) so I’ve been trading emails with Sandra and comparing symptoms – before you feel sorry for me, it appears I’ve gotten off lightly.

D’s back to his normal food self, which means he’ll try anything, spit out lots, and eat the rest as long as he’s not tired. Feeding him when he’s worn out results in a refusal to eat anything but bread and yoghurt. Fair enough. We’re still feeding him separate meals from us most times because he needs to eat as soon as we walk in the door from nursery and there’s not time to cook. Plus he gets a hot healthy meal at nursery every day so dinner and lunch are kind of reversed. That being said, because of his milk allergy (which is fading – yeah!) he’s not used to eating the same as other people… Thanks for all the advice everyone!

happy family photos


We managed some smiles this weekend to make up for last weekend’s glum faces. Cory also managed to get a picture of Duncan and I which I will admit actually does look like me (not like how I want to look – but there’s makeup for that right?).


We’re writing Christmas cards frantically, knowing that most of them will probably be late (international mail always gets slower in December) and trying to think of interesting and individual things to say. I find myself saying the same things over and over – probably because they’re true (Duncan’s a bundle of energy these days etc.) but wish I could summon up a breath of originality for each person to let them know that I really am thinking of them over the holidays. (Which is why we don’t do the Christmas letter. We did a joke one a few years back but almost no one got it – which made it horrifyingly bad….).

Duncan’s also on a food strike. Please tell me all 18 month olds are this opinionated, headstrong, and stubborn. He refuses to eat all but a very few things (cereal bars, yoghurt, rice milk, apples, and bread). We’re not sure if we should try to break the habit by not feeding him any of the above at dinner in hopes that eventually he’ll get hungry enough to eat the food he used to love that we’ve laboured over. Or should we just give in and let him eat what he wants for a while? Advice appreciated – especially the kind that says “this too shall pass”.

unflattering all round


I’m tempted to end this post right here, but not quite as tempted as I was to delete this picture immediately. I have an erroneous self-image, I’m always shocked to see how unattractive I am in pictures. It must be a bad angle… Needless to say, after waiting 30 mintues in freezing weather to see Santa at Crathes Castle, it was not a success. And my child might be forever scarred in thinking Santa’s a lazy git who can’t be bothered to show up on time even when there’s a line of pre-schoolers stretching through the courtyard. But he gave Duncan a chocolate so chances are all things are forgiven.

D is sick this week with a horrible cold and flu bug. He’s feverish, sleepy, off his food, and the cuddliest monkey ever. However at lunch time today I saw a hint of cheeky so hopefully we’re on the mend. He’s curled up in my lap right now so it’s sleepytime again…