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fulfilling his citizenship requirements


Continuing a strange birthday tradition we decided to go skating on my birthday last month. Duncan spent the whole time focused on staying upright but loved being carted around the ice by Daddy (who’s poor back took a beating). Next year we’ll have to buy him skates… For some reason, taking photos at the rink is strictly not allowed so this is one of the few that we managed to get before being told off by rink staff. And this marks one of the first times in my life when I have deliberately disregarded the rules – how could we not take a picture?


Our 20 week scan was yesterday and we’re thrilled to report that everything’s growing as expected. Here’s baby#2 sucking his/her thumb near the end of the scan. They don’t tell you the gender anymore in Aberdeen, and our excellent sonographer did stay well away from any good views, so this one will be a surprise like their brother was.

We did find out why I’ve felt less movement than expected by 20 weeks – the placenta’s cushioning the blows – and a large foot pushing directly on my bladder explains something else!

matches made in heaven


If Duncan and I had a favourite food, this month it would be oakcakes with cranberry sauce and wensleydale cheese. Not any other jam and cheese, but this exact combination which fills an emotional need we didn’t know we had. (Elspeth and Tim, I think you two need to try this!).

But there’s other combinations also making me very happy right now, like my new birthday duvet. A wool duvet nestled in between 400 count cotton sheets. I know it’s completely decadent but it makes me feel like a princess, or at least a duchess, when I slip into bed each evening. Of course it makes getting up at 6am to rush off to work a cruel blow – but then I’m not a princess after all.

Cory and I are just discovering another match made in heaven, Flanders and Swann,  a Christmas gift from Lawrence and Tom. Duncan particularly likes the warthog song – and dances along with his lurching side to side step coupled with spinning around as fast as he can keep his feet. No January blahs here – this is much better than last year’s January!

the competition continues – by a hair.

4 months (18 weeks)

Remember last month? We speculated that Duncan’s belly would outlast mine for at least another month, but I seem to have closed the gap and it’s now a matter of weeks or days. We had a ton of fun taking these shots and I’m amazed at how much the size of my belly depends on my posture. I still think Duncan has a slight edge on me, but these pictures have made me question my colleague’s assertion that I really don’t look pregnant yet. If not pregnant, then just rather tellytubby-ish again….

From bottom left, in clockwise order:
D: “bump bump bump”
T: “Must stand straight and pull bum in”
T: “A high quality hug – must take pictures more often”
D: “No one wants to see your belly mummy”

when my little boy got brave


We’re a bit confused by Duncan’s fear of small dogs that we see in the park. Show him the cutest, most harmless ball of fur and he’s crowding into our arms and clamouring for up. So last weekend, at the tail end of our Edinburgh/Fife mini-break, we didn’t have much hope when we stopped at the Scottish Deer Centre near Cupar. I even hesitated to spend the 90p on deer food – thinking that if I ended up feeding the deer while Duncan and Cory watched from a distance, it’d be a bit of a drag. But for some reason (the fence? the lack of bark?) deer are great and Duncan managed to get his hands right in there with the food and was thrilled with the whole experience.


Some of the male beasties were even a bit aggressive, but did that scare Duncan? Nope! He’s waving hello here.

And finally, Duncan found the sheep fascinating too. I was really proud of my wee man for taking a risk and proud of us as a family for skipping the Edinburgh shopping to explore something new.