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21. happy easter egg hunting

Did you know that two under twos can have a successful easter egg hunt? Duncan and his friend A had a blast last night finding the eggs, unwrapping the paper, and smearing chocolate whereever they could. Suitably full of sugar, they then jumped on Duncan’s bed screaming for an hour or so. Duncan had so much fun, he cried when A had to go home, a first!


We finally have our winter snow – after the flowers have been up and lulled us all into the expectation of spring. This photo was from a few weeks back, down at the beach on a sunny winter day. Note that we realize Duncan’s jacket is too small, but the minute we forget to hide away any bit of inappropriate clothing, he instantly latches onto it as the most precious thing in the world. In some ways he’s like a 14 year old girl, he’s happy to see his (pot) belly hang out and show off his gorgeous belly button (unpierced).

I’m assuming that his obsession with control is due to his age, and due to the unfair structure of a toddler’s week (especially one in nursery). There are very few elements within his control and who can blame him for attempting to seize any chance to stamp his own mark? We hear “no-no-no-no-no” a lot these days, and except for the day he wanted to go to nursery wearing nothing but tights and his monkey slippers, I normally give in. This lovely brown coat is now hidden deep in the closet for baby number two though…



Bittersweet definitition: You find the perfect place to take your toddler, just outside the city and costing only £2 a family, just when the city announces they’re shutting it down due to budget cuts. Doonie’s Rare Breed Farm is 5 minutes down the road from us and Duncan’s now old enough to enjoy it – although still too nervous around animals to actually pet the ponies. (Petition to keep the farm open: here.)

Duncan’s refusing to nap today, and Cory’s virtually comatose on the sofa after some poor map reading skills turned a nice easy bike ride yesterday into a 110 km epic a bit too early in the season. Guess I’d better go play lego…

things I wont tell you


(seen on Cory’s bike ride today)

1. when you’re going to sleep, I’m sitting outside your room at the top of the stairs.
2. I wish I could eat nothing but yoghurt too
3. we eat junk food after you’ve gone to bed
4. every night before we turn in, we sneak in your room and watch you sleep
5. we don’t let you pick your clothes because they’re too small and we’re secretly vain
6. we go on regular dates after you’re asleep and leave you to be babysat

what have I missed from the list?

6 months – I win

month6.JPG 6 months, 27 weeks.

There really can be no doubt now about who’s belly is biggest. Duncan’s decided that the competition is over, so refuses to take his shirt off any more! Last month he might have still had the edge, especially after meals, but I seem to have finally sprouted and am recognizably telly-tubby shaped. Am I really showing more this time around? Looks like it (keeping in mind the above picture is two weeks earlier than the link).


Duncan’s grown very attached to my belly, although I think it has more to do with the allure of an outie-belly button than any concept that there’s his sibling growing inside. I get lots of cuddles while putting him to bed and sometimes with him kicking from the outside and the next one kicking from the inside, I feel well tenderized.

In other none-baby news, we bought a new-ish car today (a 5 year old Ford Focus for people who care about those things) – one that will fit two car seats in the back without both driver and front passenger sitting with their knees up in their chests. I’m so not a car person, but I am pleased that we’re going to have a bit more space and that it’s an automatic, which means I’ll be driving it around town – giving Duncan and I and the new one a chance for far more adventures in the coming months.

The boys are out for a walk now so I’m going to steal 1/2 an hour and de-clutter the house. Hope Cory doesn’t check the recycling/garbage when he gets back….

20. big boy bed

20 months is a big occasion for us, marking the move from the cot into Duncan’s brand new big boy single bed. The move is partially motivated by a future occupant of the cot, but there’s also the fact that Duncan loves his independance more than anything in the world and we know he’s frustrated that we don’t jump up in the morning to remove him from his prison. I have secret dreams of him getting up early to quietly play with his books and stuffed animals while we sleep in. Don’t disillusion me yet…

Today’s nap time was the bed’s trial run and went brilliantly, except for Duncan sleeping at the wrong end of the bed. We can be flexible though, I’ve put pillows at both ends now so the options are limitless… Wish us luck for tonight and tomorrow morning (the real test).


And hey – I was so very jealous of everyone back home in December when people had way more light than we did. But now that it’s March here and the flowers are up, Aberdeen sounds a lot better than Toronto. What do you think? Snow or snowdrops? And no, I did not adjust the saturation in this picture!


I’m actually still recovering from my crash lessons in single parenthood while Cory was away offshore (also called my week/weekend from hell). Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so exhausting if I hadn’t been 25 weeks pregnant, or if this wasn’t one of the most demanding times of year at my work, but I was falling into bed at 7:30 every night, as soon as D was asleep and the dishes were done. There were definitely some eye-opening experiences, like dealing with a boy who was desparately missing his daddy or going to a birthday party and being the only single adult there (being on call 100% of the time instead of 50% was more than noticeable when everyone else had time to chat) . One week, and that with the knowledge that Cory was missing us and counting down the days to come home, was more than hard enough. Hats off to everyone who does it on a regular basis! (side note: I am the luckiest woman in the world).