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22. wonderful words


This month’s been great and in my head is marked as “the month you started talking”. I worried a lot when all your friends started chatting months ago and you remained quiet, but your daddy told me to relax and he was right – you just weren’t ready yet. But now it’s fabulous – there’s this whole new level of communication where you can tell me exactly what you’re thinking about and what you want to focus on. A few words shouldn’t make such a difference, but they do. Now I know how much you love spotting the bus as it goes past the front window or why you’re pointing outside (you were concerned about daddy’s shoes drying in the sun). It’s been a bit of a wait, but maybe that makes all your chit chat all the sweeter!

what to do when bored and surrounded by adults from Trish on Vimeo.

vacationing with nana and papa

post-biking state – and Duncan was the cleanest of the three!

We’ve just returned from a week of vacation in the Peak District with my parents. We rented a fabulous (luxurious! nicer than my house!) cottage and spent lunches in the pub, afternoons asleep on the sofa, and mornings out in the rain trying to see as much as we could. The weather didn’t quite compare to last year, but we definitely made the most of it. Mine and cave tours, biking adventures, a wee bit of hill walking, and the mandatory grand house visit. Duncan and Cory managed to get snowed on twice, while my mother managed the feat of not getting snowed on once.

insisting on being carried by mum – even if she is 7.5 months pregnant!

I’d love to go back when Duncan’s older and the weather’s warmer for a hiking/camping holiday as the hills and trails are wonderful. As it was, we just got out for two small walks, as 33 weeks pregnant is really pregnant – it was a bit ambitious to expect myself to have a ton of energy and sleeping in a strange bed did weird things to my back. Last night in our own bed was heaven and I felt noticeably better all day today, except for the killer heartburn.

I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to this pregnancy. I’ve either forgotten about it entirely and am chasing Duncan around at full speed (or digging my mei tai – I’m so into baby and toddler wearing right now!) or I’m lying on the floor trying to convince this baby to take it’s foot out of my ribs and have a nice nap so my aching body can rest. One day I had two naps – one more than Duncan – and my dad has some pictures of me sound asleep on the sofa in the middle of the afternoon. Still, we’re all healthy, my midwife’s not unhappy with any of my recreational habits (she’s less keen on my committment to my job, but that’s another issue altogether), and I’m enjoying my time with Duncan before our next miracle arrives. I sure hope I can figure out how to breastfeed while playing hide-and-seek …

a week in the peak district, from top left, clockwise: biking with daddy and papa, hiking, and ruining my appetite with nana (or should we just say having hummous and pita for dinner?).

wrinkles in a twinkle of an eye


I’m starting to feel old these days. Wrinkles? yup! Complete disconnection with youth popular culture? yup! Shopping at Marks and Spencer for clothes? yup! Oh dear. Last time this aging thing hit me was when we got married and I changed my name back in 2002. That meant getting a new student card, and since they let me keep my old one, I had a direct comparison of how my face had aged. I was horrified – even though I’d love to look like that right now!

But now it doesn’t hurt so much because I’ve a comparison with real youth poking me in the face (literally – he has this thing for noses). Every wrinkle of mine is because I’m fretting over him (or so I’ll tell myself) and he’s so worth it. And right now I’m amazed at my body. Not because it’s pregnant again, because that still feels surreal, but because it produced this amazing person who makes us laugh and tear our hair out and live in ways we hadn’t for years. Who cares how old I look (as long as it’s not older than my age).

(If there was a magical way that cost nothing and took no time to strip 10 years off my face, I’d be all over it. I’m not excited about wrinkles, just trying to find a way to graciously accept them!).

I had all these thoughts at yoga last week when I was supposed to be concentrating on my breathing patterns for labour. Oops. Except that I feel like I’ve established that I’m rubbish at labour and no amount of inner focus will change that. My midwife has recommended the grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it route instead of the serene mother goddess for me. I think it’s more appropriate in my case. Why grit my teeth? Apparently if I can manage without an epidural this time and everything goes as well as last time we can come home from the hospital, baby in tow, 6 hours after the birth. That means all the security of a labour ward without the sketchy soup, busy ward rooms, and other people’s crying babies. How do you weigh up pain vs. comfort?

youth – on an easter egg hunt!

seven months and feeling every bit of it.

Seven Months – 31 weeks. (Comparison with last time: 32 weeks, 2006)

This past month seems to have seen a belly explosion (see 6 months) and I’m really feeling it as I drag myself around every day or try to roll whale-like out of bed. I don’t remember it being quite so awkward before, but then last time I wasn’t out of bed 6 times in 20 minutes, tucking an exploring little boy back in to his at 6 in the morning. We’re struggling a bit with the big-boy-bed concept here, as Duncan’s night times have decreased by about an hour now that he can wander around. Maybe 20 months was too early to transfer him – but I’m glad we’re not trying to sort out his sleep right when the new baby arrives.

Counter-Clockwise from top right:
– Mummy you need to show some skin to really show off this belly
– See, just what I told you!
– Hehe! doesn’t mummy look huge!
– She’s massive! (note the hand language)

Now that I’m past 30 weeks I’m back at prenatal yoga too and I’m sooo happy. It’s such a relief to know that one night each week my hips wont hurt and I’ll sleep like I weighed 20 pounds less. I know I could do yoga each night before bed, but most nights it’s hard enough to brush my teeth. I love love love my yoga class and my yoga/midwife instructor. I think I’m even more excited the second time around (2006) because I know how much more I’ll appreciate it as the weeks go on.

I definitely need to get my head around the fact that the 5th of June is rapidly approaching. Last time I was this far along we were already baby shopping, and even though I know we need to pick up things for this new one, I’m just not mentally ready to buy baby stuff. Is it denial? Not that we’re not excited – we’re so happy – but this time we’re going into things with our eyes open.

going round and round

World Track Cycling in Manchester

We’ve been on an adventure – down to Manchester for the weekend to see the World Track Cycling. Somehow Cory managed to get us amazing seats, second row, right at the finish line. We’re at a bit of a loss to say how much we enjoyed it, it was way above both of our expectations and Duncan seemed to have a blast too (see video below). The best event we saw was the Madison – not to downplay the other fantastic rides by the Brits, including two other gold medals, but watching Wiggins and Cavendish fight back to win the Madison was definitely the highlight for me. Duncan was reasonably well-behaved – at least as well as all the other toddlers hanging out with their parents at the back of the stands, and he did seem to really enjoy the excitement and the crowds.

The rest of the weekend away was wonderful too. Duncan’s at an age when travel is easy, when a hotel room holds lots of wonders and opportunities to explore and when a walk in the buggy is still appreciated. Cory got to see the engineer museum, otherwise known as the Museum of Science and Industry, but to prevent it being an all-daddy heaven weekend, I also got to check out some shops too. Trying on nursing bras instead of mail ordering them and finally making it into a Gap maternity store was both a treat and heartbreaking (at 30 weeks it’s hard to justify buying more maternity clothes!).

One thing we did learn was that flying at 30 weeks can lead to swollen feet. Without a change of shoes, I’ve managed to come home with blisters on my toes. Next time I fly I’ll be wearing my tevas.

Just like his dad, fascinated by cycling from Trish on Vimeo.

And I’ve been tagged by Marita to answer the following questions:

What were you doing ten years ago?
This website, the repository of all my memories (sad as that is), is not yet ten years old so it’s hard to know, except that ten years ago I was almost finished my BSc at the University of Guelph so I was probably studying for finals and finishing my honours thesis. University seems a really long time ago, my big plans were to travel in Ireland and the UK (scroll forward at the bottom to read more) in August that year.

What were you doing one year ago?
Celebrating! Duncan had just started sleeping through the night.

Five snacks you enjoy:
chocolate, tea, chocolate covered digestives, cake, and sugar coated doughnuts.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. move to a larger, but still reasonable house and have no mortgage
2. give my parents some money, after all they’ve shared so much with me!
3. take a longer maternity leave
4. just like Marita, I’d have another baby. Families of five are way more expensive than families of four.
5. invest some in our pensions – if there was any left.

Five bad habits (that I’m willing to admit to):
I make funny faces and suck on my lips when no one is watching, I cross my legs, I spend too much time on the internet, I tune out when I’m reading at home, and I eat too much junk food the minute its in the house.

Five things you like doing:
Cycling, quilting, drinking wine with friends, relaxing and reading the paper, and mini day adventures with my boys. At least one of these I can still do!

Five things you would never wear again:
Anything ‘mini’, t-shirts that aren’t at least two inches longer than my waistband, a belly-button ring (the hole is still there), skinny legged jeans (oh 80s! I don’t miss you at all), and non-cotton underwear.

Five favorite toys:
my bike, my computer, my slings, my buggy, and my favourite fountain pen.