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two: Happy Birthday Duncan!


Two years old! Happy Birthday to my wee man who’s turned into such a big boy over the past year. You’re talking up a storm now, letting us know what you’d like and how you feel about things, and with your new skills with words you seem to have grown up amazingly fast.


You’ve been a superstar this month too, adjusting so well to Fraser’s arrival and all the upheaval that’s come with him. Even though your parents are exhausted and busy, you still give us tons of smiles and have lots of kisses for your baby Fraser. I’m so proud of how flexible you are and how loving and kind you’ve shown yourself to be. If you understood the word gentle, we’d never have to prevent you from cuddling your brother, but your bear hugs are a bit too cuddly for a newborn!


This year has been infinitely easier than your first year, you can do so much now and your daddy and I are more capable parents now too. Your daddy and I felt like we got our lives back once we all started sleeping through the night and it’s also a better life, spending time with you. Whether on vacation or doing new things like feeding deer, you’ve opened our eyes to such a bigger world than we had before. We’ve been very blessed. And thank you for such a good year, I know the next one will be tough again, as your brother grows and keeps us up all night, but it’s just a year, and now we know the wonders ahead of us.

starting to check out the world


Right, it’s time to get out of the house. Even though I’m not 100% healed, Fraser and I are bored of staying home and are ready to explore a bit. Nana and Papa are visiting now, so I’ve lots of extra hands for help, and I think it’s time for some new adventures. Adventures that don’t involve a ton of walking, or take too long, and are baby and breastfeeding friendly (I’ve forgotten how to breastfeed in public discretely. There was some nipple-flashing at the public pool on Sunday morning while Duncan and Cory were swimming), but adventures nonetheless.

(Fraser is a very alert, very curious little boy. He’s far more awake than his brother was and loves to look around and check things out).

twice as nice


Things that are easier the second time around:
1) getting back to sleep after night feeds
2) breastfeeding
3) nappy changing
4) retaining a sense of humour in the middle of the night
5) having a positive postpartumn body image

Things that are hard the second time around:
i) early morning wake up calls from big brother
ii) synchronizing schedules
iii) preventing overly-enthusiastic bear hugs from Duncan
iv) recovering physically from birth (maybe the much bigger baby plays a role here)
v) making sure big brother gets his share of both parents

a milestone reached

A first visit to accident and emergency; Duncan took a tumble last night and cut his face on the corner of his bed. Fortunately it’s shallow and not a problem. He did manage to scratch off all but one of his steri-strips in the night though and was a wee bit bloody this morning.

But there’s been lots of good stuff lately, like a new slide from Grandma and Grandpa for Duncan’s upcoming birthday:

And because mum’s bruising has kept her lying on the sofa a lot, there’s been lots of time for cuddles:

Fraser’s arrival

The difference of an easy birth – Fraser was only 90 minutes old and we’d already breastfed and I’d showered.

Fraser’s birth couldn’t have been more different, and more positive, than Duncan’s (who must have paved the way well for his little brother!). I went to bed at 10:00 on Friday night with stronger than normal braxton hicks, but wasn’t expecting anything to come of it. Then a massive contraction at 2am woke me in a flash and instantly turned into strong contractions every 3-5 minutes. We stayed home for over an hour timing them (and taking one last belly shot, note the wires from the tens machine!) before dashing to the hospital and arriving there at 4:15. The car trip to the hospital was the first time in my life I’ve ever not worn a seatbelt in the car, I was draped over Duncan’s car seat in the back on my knees, sitting was not an option.

Fortunately at 4 in the morning the roads are empty, and we arrived and were checked in right away. I was only 4cm when they checked me, so we requested the epidural and were told it’d be coming soon. They put my IV in for my antibiotics (I tested strep B positive) and we waited for the anesthesiologist to be free. By the time she was though, only one hour after arriving, I was feeling like I needed to push and they found I was fully dilated. Half an hour later, Fraser arrived, all 9 pounds and 36 cm of head girth, into the world.

Compared to the epidural, this quick birth was fabulous. My stitches are very sore (36cm head, 9lbs, it’s no surprise), but otherwise my recovery has been really quick and I felt so much more human during and right after birth than my previous experience (even if my yelling during the second stage must have sounded decidedly inhuman – but I found it helped the pushing). Fraser’s had an easier go of it too since we didn’t have morphine, he’s been alert and feeding well right since birth. After the last time, I know exactly how lucky we were…

The last belly picture – in labour about 30 minutes before we dashed out the door to the hospital.

very proud big brother…

Fraser did not sleep much last night so Mum is pretty tired. Duncan was lucky and spent the day with Grandma; we will be finding the loot from that day for months!

p.s. Colin got the translation correct!

Hi, I’m Fraser. Fit like?

I was born 07-June-2008 (the same day as my great grandma!), and weighed exactly 4,090 grams (9 lb, 0 oz). My mother is doing very well but couldn’t come home to write this post. She is sleeping now but I nicked my grandma’s blackberry and updated SoP for mom. It was the least I could do; she’s a champ!

I heard one of the midwives ask my mom ‘fit like?’. Do you know what it means?

due date

and still here.  I’ll try to post an updated belly picture tomorrow after we take one tonight.  I have an induction date now for the 17th, so the baby will be here not long after that… 12 days to go.

My best friend moved to Germany yesterday, meaning no more lazy afternoons with cups of tea watching the kids play. Thank goodness Duncan’s oblivious – since his best friend’s gone too.  I think it might take a couple weeks before he realizes that they haven’t just gone on vacation. I had a quick little cry last night, I’ve never lived this close to one of my best friends before and I’m so going to miss having her two blocks away…