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Autumn light


I love Scotland’s light in the autumn and winter. I don’t love how it’s already dark when we get up, or how the sun sets at 3:30 in December, but when the sun’s out, there’s nothing more beautiful. The colours are richer, the grass is still green, and everything seems slightly tinged with magic. The dark half of the year has been the time of some of our best adventures, away from the crowds and with the promise of a warm fire at the end of each day. We even fell in love with Scotland on our honeymoon, in December 2002 (see here and here) and if we can love it in the winter, we definitely live in the right place.


Maybe the reason nights are so tough is the lights are out so I don’t get to see this gorgeous face. Rubbish-sleeping-baby seems very unconnected to my daytime boy…

see these eyes?


They’re saying “Mum you idiot! Put down the camera and come rescue me!” Fortunately he slid off the bike onto my new rug and was just mildly shocked.

beach boys


I could tell you about my new haircut, or about the telephone interview for the local paper’s housing section (they’re coming to take pictures of the boys and I in the house on Monday), or about how cute the boys are snuggled into Duncan’s bed together for bedtime songs. But I’m feeling rather dull (but oh so happy) these days – both on the website and in real life, and I’m afraid of boring the people that actually stop to read this.   Let’s just say things are good right now and leave it there. p.s. am ignoring the fact we’ve had almost zero interest in the house.

slightly mad and way too busy


Because I have nothing else to do these days we’ve decided to put the house up for sale. This means I’ve spent the past three days cleaning my house to a level that astonishes me, and that I’ve sat down for approximately two minutes out of the past 4230. Pick up toys and put them away, file that pile of papers that’s been there since 2005, pick up Fraser and sing a song, put him down and pick up Duncan and convince him to participate in my latest mum-venture (we built a boat out of a milk carton), pick up a bottle of bleach and a sponge… Whew. But now the house is up on the market and all I have to do is maintain this level of cleanliness indefinitely (ha ha!) since the market is unbelievably slow.

I’m not completely mad though, the idea is that it would be far easier to move now than when I’m back at work and that the depressed housing market means that if we sell our house it’ll be easier to buy our next place. And if we don’t find a buyer it’s not a problem, we’ll just take the house off the market. We’re realistic and are prepared for this to have just been an exercise in cleanliness, but honestly if we don’t sell, my house looks so good right now that I’ll be reasonably content anyways.

But if I wasn’t tired already, just reading this has made me need 10 hours of sleep. Rubbish-sleeping-baby has been slightly better lately, but I did kick him and his father out of the room last night around 5am so I could get two decent hours (I’d have kept his father with me but it was sort of an all-or-nothing deal). It’s 8pm and I can be asleep by 9 if I go feed Fraser now….

3. serious about sleep


(What does it mean when it takes you twenty minutes to straighten your hair, with one particularly persistant curl refusing to go away? Probably that you forgot to turn the straighteners on. What’s amazing is how well they work without heat…)

Fraser you’re three months old and absolutely perfect but your sleep habits are starting to wear your father and I out. During the day you’re awesome, rolling over and laughing at us and cuddling with your big brother. During the night it’s a different story as you refuse to settle into sleep for any length of time. Giving you the dummy works wonders, for 40 minutes, and the broken nights aren’t good for you or for us. My parenting experience doesn’t help here, unlike your brother you’re not hungry most of the time when you wake, and we didn’t have to take your brother’s dummy away until he was 4.5 months old. What are we going to do to teach you to sleep? Your daddy tried letting you cry it out (with cuddles, but without the dummy) and I slept downstairs for two nights but each night you were more stubborn that he was. Are we really going to have to fight this battle already? It seems like it. You’re even waking up when we co-sleep, we’ve already given in as much as we can and crying (all three of us) seems to be the only option. Good thing big brother is a sound sleeper.