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Merry Christmas!

We are happily settled in our new house! The move went well except that we unfortunately have no home phone or internet connection. We’ll be back early in the new year.

the santa train


What could be better than a train ride to see Santa? Especially when there’s coffee and mince pies for the parents! Duncan was still scared to sit on Santa’s lap, but fortunately Fraser’s too young to find the red suit and white beard frightening. Duncan’s figured out at least the commercial side of Christmas this year and we wrote him a letter together requesting Bob the Builder and Teletubbies (for Fraser). How did my wee boy turn into this amazing kid?


German Holiday

I want to have the time to write a long update about our trip to Germany – about how we were there over St. Nicholas Day and Duncan found his shoes filled with candy in the morning and then got a second lot of loot at Freya and Otto’s grandparents house where St. Nicholas had made another stop for them. I should write about the carollers that came by that evening, singing for more candy too, as Duncan was absolutely fascinated.

St. Nicholas Day Carollers

Or I could write about Duncan and Freya’s reunion. After six months it was as if no time had past – except that the kids are now talking and had long involved conversations – each in their own language. They even had a date, unfortunately chaperoned.

Duncan taking Freya out for a drink.

And of course we were there for Otto’s baptism, which was very special. He saved us all from getting too emotional though by filling his nappy approximately three minutes before he was christened with a very liquidy mix. First time in my life I’ve had poo leaking into my hands that I wasn’t genetically related to! I also managed to let Otto splash in the baptismal font, getting enough water on himself that in the pictures you might be able to believe that the big wet mark on his leg is just holy water. Poo notwithstanding, it was a very special thing to be there with him for his baptism and we know have a good story for his wedding (“remember the first time you stood up at the altar?”).

My Godson Otto!

But really this brief text will have to do because we’re moving in 6 days (eek!) and haven’t started packing yet. We got home from Germany Monday and Cory went offshore Tuesday at 5:45am. He’s back now and we’ve got six days to pack the house, organize the move (movers are booked fortunately), and somehow manage to not have a complete panic attack.

“No pictures! I’ll hold the camera for you…”

6. sitting still and ready to move


Fraser is so ready to move these days, rolling around in his sleep and wedging himself into umpteen uncomfortable positions in his cot. We’ll all sleep better once he masters his new skills and stops working on them 24 hours a day. However one skill that’s been brilliant is sitting. Fraser’s sitting unassisted for minutes on end; which means that with a few pillows in strategic locations, we can sit him up to enjoy the view while he plays with his toys. This stage is great for everyone, and since Duncan crawled well before he sat (at around 7 months) I missed it last time!

We spent Fraser’s half birthday in Germany at my godson Otto’s baptism. Four kids and four adults made for a hectic but wonderful long weekend and both boys really enjoyed the attention. Fraser probably got the least out of it, as the only kid not moving around and at more than 10 pounds lighter than everyone else, he spent a lot of time in someone’s arms while the other three ran about. I’ll post more pictures later, but this post is about Fraser!

(We almost forgot to get a picture of all four kids together. Our kids were already dressed to travel, but we remembered in time.)

Fraser’s other new skill (finally!) is eating – just in the past two days I’ve perfected the art of serving his food exactly the way he likes it (think thick and gloopy butternut squash) and he’s eating up a storm. Since he’s refusing the bottle and is 100% breastfed, I’m thrilled that our lacklustre start a few weeks ago has blossomed into three meals a day – long may it continue. Consistent with his personality of liking personal attention, Fraser refuses store-bought food, even the most expensive brands, but is sucking back my homemade mush. I’ve tasted both and personally I think he’s mad, but as long as he’s eating, I’ll happily blend and steam meals while he’s in bed. Motherhood, completely unpredictable but very satisfying and sort of like babyfood, rather mushy sometimes.