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new-found freedom

Crawling for the first time from trish on Vimeo.

1. Guess who’s much happier these days? He started on Sunday but he’s now about ten times faster and more efficient than in this video.
2. Wouldn’t you love to have Duncan cheer you on like this? He’s so proud of his brother!
3. I cannot wait to rip up these carpets!

Fraser’s Big Day

(after the service, and after lunch and a change of clothes).

Some moments are so precious they take my breath away. Fraser’s baptism was one of them. My faith, while not always textbook, is central to me and to have my son welcomed into the church, to celebrate his arrival in such a timeless fashion… it makes me cry with joy thinking of it. This person that we brought into the world, how lucky and blessed we are to have him in our lives.

(Enough crying – can I excuse myself for being overly emotional on the grounds that said blessing has a cold and none of us got a lot of sleep last night?)


It made it very special to have Fraser’s Godparents, Tim and Elspeth, there with us on Sunday to celebrate. We’ve been joking about the responsibilities the job entails, but Cory and I are both thrilled to know that Fraser will have such great people in his life if he ever wants advice or needs role models. Plus they are both amazing (or in Duncan’s words “Awesome”) friends. As parents, Cory and I have done good in choosing both of our children’s Godparents.

(Whew, it’s always a relief as a parent when you feel like you’ve finally managed to make a good decision).

(waiting beforehand, in his cardigan from Grandma. Fraser had the Amundrud family baptism blanket too!)

Duncan was a wonderful big brother too – shadowing Fraser throughout the baptism, even on Fraser’s trek around the church to be introduced to the congregation. He did this clutching a bible – much to the amusement of everyone there. He loves being funny, but is at his best when he’s not aware of how hilarious he is!

We had friends at the ceremony and even more friends join us afterwards for a celebration at our house. We have good friends – in Aberdeen and everywhere in our lives – and in my superstitious and anxious moments I wonder how I could possibly be so blessed.

no longer trapped indoors


It’s been a great weekend with lots of family walks and a much happier mother. I am always caught off guard by how cranky I get when stressed and trapped indoors. I love the new house and love the idea of spending all day curled on the sofa in the sunlight but in reality it’s one big struggle to keep all three of us entertained and without fresh air we start to wilt. I feel ready for Monday now…

Today we ventured across the river to the local church’s service (it switches sides every week) and found ourselves in a gorgeous rural church with the two boys happily playing in sunday school and creche. The church has a board listing the names of all the ministers since 1420; both Cory and I liked the realization that we’re participating in something that stretches back in a continuous line almost 600 years.

The weather has been exciting; with bright sushine during the day and howling storms in the night. Last night we were without power for about four hours; not enough time for the house to cool down but enough for a romantic glass of wine by candlelight while the boys were in bed. We should turn off the tv, baby monitor, lights, and computer more often but unfortunately the street lights tend to stay on.

The village church.

on my mind…


Why do I get tired the instant Cory goes away for a night? Not the next day, which would be understandable, but the same day? Hello stress? I’m very glad he gets home tonight (and that I’ve now passed the mental step of sleeping alone in the house with the boys).

We’ve no more mice (we think) and another quote for the flooring that’s 40% less (phew). I’ve found bookshelves for the living room that were actually on sale and we’ve had bathroom fans installed in both bathrooms (which will hopefully solve the mold in the loft problem). I do not enjoy home renovations. I know that there are people who delight in fixing up old houses into dream homes – I’m not one of them. Thankfully this house only needs upgrades and after the flooring is done, everything else is more cosmetic than immediate (except my 25 year old appliances, but I can buy appliances, and will need to as every appliance in the house is only 7 years younger than me….)

It’s bucketing down today so we’re trapped inside. Can you tell by the contents of my mind?

On a walk


We have mice, a quote for installing wood flooring that’s twice what we hoped, and we need a new boiler and shower. But Thursday I walked down the deeside way with both boys asleep in the buggy. Shaded grass was glimmering frosty, sunny grass glowed green and gold and the contrast between blue sky and brillant fields was magnificent. My cheeks and fingers were cold but my insides were happy. After all, mice belong in the country and Cory’s not too squeamish to trap them. The flooring will be pure heaven and the builder has a three year old son (playdate potential!). We have a lovely big bathtub (albeit salmon) if the shower’s out of commission. And daily enforced walks (the only time Fraser sleeps) act like powerful anti-depressants with wonderful weight loss side effects. Even with the expenses for the house, it’s a wonderful home with lots of space for all of us, especially watching the sun rise over the hills each morning from my window. Trading the instant coffee for Saturday morning cappuchino makes life heaven.

Also part of Cory’s bike to work, it’ll be lovely when it’s lighter.

One of the highlights of daily walks for Duncan.

7. from baby to boy (little, but with teeth)

Christmas Morning

Happy 7 months Fraser! A new house, your first Christmas, staying up late at parties; it’s been a busy months for all of us, but especially for you! A couple really rough nights heralded the arrival of two bottom teeth but otherwise you’ve been a star – taking lots of changes in stride and developing at an ever increasing rate. You’re sitting, playing peek-a-boo, copying your brother’s dancing, and moving across the room through a combination of rolling and reaching. It’s so wonderful, but there’s also a part of me that’s not ready for this transition from infant to roly-poly baby-on-the-go!  Time does go quickly when you’re having fun.

The biggest change recently is in family dynamics. You used to be thrilled to get attention from Duncan, but now there’s an additional goal in mind – his toys. I spend a good part of each day separating the two of you from a tug-of-war that always ends in you flat on your front in tears.  (Note to Duncan: life would be simpler if you’d keep your special toys in your room like you’ve been told!).  Is this my life for the next 16 years?  Or at least the next 8? Things could be worse though –  the combination of solid food and separate rooms has increased the amount of sleep for every single member of this family so we’re all on a sleep-fuelled high.

Your new neighbourhood.

Life in the new house is great (Check out the carpets! and the wallpaper!) and I’m thrilled that you’re going to grow up in such a wonderful place.  The move, the house, the new village; they all need a separate entry (and this one’s about you!) but even with the stresses of moving, this has been an excellent, exciting month and I’m looking forward to the next one.

(P.S. Duncan had an amazing Christmas too.
Playing with the new kitchen

From top left, clockwise: Happy Boys; Look! Santa ate the mince pies we left him!; Stealing toys already; Bob the Builder! Just what Duncan asked for!)