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clean lines


Growing up in Canada, I never understood spring. Literature, mainly from the British Isles, went on and on about this one week of transitional weather between cold slush and humid heat. It was a nice week, but just a week. Now I get it. Spring here starts somewhere around now, interspersed with wintery days, and lasts until about July. And it’s glorious. After our weeks of snow, the warm damp air smells like new growth and the sun is starting to feel warm on my face. We walked in Glen Tanar today with the boys and although both of us are sore this evening (options – carry a 17lb boy in a sling or a 27lb boy in a backpack – both are painful), it was a day that just smelt of life and dirt and everything that little boys are made of.


The flooring is finally installed in the house, lovely bamboo boards which feel clean and graceful underfoot. It’s not hardwood, but in many ways we think it suits us, and the non-traditional feel of our 1980s bungalow, better. There was a point though where it didn’t feel like it would ever be done… from my journal (and I hesitated to post this, since crap poetry is something I wouldn’t normally share – but it felt like the only way to chart my thoughts):

It wouldn’t be so hard
if the builder wasn’t off with a hangover
sharp tools lying untouched in my empty bedroom and the boy’s rooms full
A double bed, two chests, a blanket box
even the playroom off limits, stacked with bamboo

It wouldn’t be so bearable
if my living room wasn’t so gorgeous
clean lines of flooring the perfect roads
for toy cars and trains and tractors
while I sit looking out at the hills

I wouldn’t be so tired
if we’d slept through the night
instead of three hour snatches
punctuated by sweet smeeling cuddles that threaten
to turn into long term habits
in the battle of wills, this time we’ve lost

Fraser and the Godfather! (p.s. I do not miss these carpets at all).

what do rabbits eat?


Sometimes I think toddlers get the raw end of the stick. Consider the question “what do rabbits eat?” Duncan answered “nose!” when this was asked a few days ago because the rabbits really did eat his snowman’s nose. We woke up one morning to bunny prints in the snow and two nose-less snowmen in the front garden.

The snow has been absolutely beautiful for the past two weeks, but a warm rain yesterday and a temperature of 10 C today has jumped us forward into spring. It’s a sign of growing old, but I’m glad. Pushing a buggy in the snow is not conducive to getting out of the house and we’re in the middle of getting new flooring laid – I’ve felt trapped between the weather and the sawdust.

Today I walked for 5 miles with the boys in the buggy, just up a country road past the village shop. We stopped off for provisions; apples instead of crisps since it was too lovely a day to sully with junk. The air had that moist hint of spring, the sheep were out in the fields, and the views across the valley were gorgeous. It felt like a scene from a BBC television adaption (aside from the bright red double buggy). If it wasn’t that spring meant being back at work, I’d be counting the days…


8. sweet satisfaction


Oh my Fraser, you love crawling. You also love pulling yourself up to standing, crawling and climbing over objects, and exploring tight spaces under furniture. And in comparison to the little boy who sat and howled from frustration last month, you’re a different kid altogether. This month is all about smiles and adventures and i feel like my life as a mum of two active boys has just begun. Hopefully the next 17 years will be more of the same (but with more sleep).

Of course huge developmental leaps like this (hey! you’re waving at me!) have side effects; mainly a desire to get in our bed and out of your own. Hello 2am feeds… we haven’t spent so much time together since you were 4 months old. (And yes, I realize I’d just posted about you sleeping from 9pm-5am. I jinxed myself, completely.) But aside from the fact that I’m eating us out of house and home in an effort to feed you, we’re not too fussed. You will eventually sleep as well as your brother. And you’re growing up so fast that sometimes while we’re cuddled in bed, you asleep in the crook of my arm, I want time to slow down so that I can trace your long eyelashes with my fingers and smell the scent of your hair for years yet. But then I’m learning that two year olds are awesome too, so go ahead and grow up. Just don’t forget to keep giving your mum those big sleepy hugs…


examples of why life is great


1. While Fraser napped, I baked bread from scratch and Cory fixed his bike. Duncan watched and chattered. Cory and I were both amazed at what we could accomplish.
2. I had enough energy to bake bread.
3. Fraser’s crawling means he can follow Duncan round for entertainment.
4. It’s a snow day today.
5. There’s 90 m2 of bamboo flooring stacked up in my house ready for installation.
6. I’m back in regular email contact with work and I’m no longer dreading May.
7. Fraser slept from 9pm to 7am 5am last night. This much sleep has made me giddy. (Very giddy, since I initially wrote 7am instead of 5am. 5am is still very very good).
8. I’ve lost weight while eating cake as a result of breastfeeding a hungry 7 month old.
9. Check out the view above.
10. Duncan, Fraser, and Cory.