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in fine form


This weekend was the Etape Caledonia, a 81 mile cycle race/event on closed roads through some of the most gorgeous scenery in Scotland. It wasn’t without incident though, a protestor sabotaged the race by throwing thousands of carpet tacks on the road causing numerous punctures, forcing friends to abandon, and leading to a race delay of 90 minutes for most competitors. Fortunately Cory was near the front and made it through before the closure but he did end up with a puncture. Overall he did brilliantly, got very dirty, impressed me to no end, and was way faster than last year. Commuting 24 miles a day is obviously good training.


The race in Pitlochry is only part of a great family weekend. At the Perthshire Cycling Festival in Aberfeldy, Duncan entered the kids bike races and also did brilliantly. Here you can see his rocket-fast start in the under five category. Unfortunately he then decided to ride in a straight line to daddy rather than to the finish line (to give him credit, it wasn’t that clear). Duncan was rewarded with a T-shirt and chocolate bar for his efforts and I think was a bit surprised that Dad didn’t get a similar prize the next day. (Note he’s wearing his tee to watch Daddy race, it’s size 11-12 so slightly too big).


Even though we’re completely exhausted, overwhelmed, and run off our feet; life seems pretty good. I’m very proud of my two older boys this weekend and looking forward to Fraser participating in two years time.

On another note, Duncan and I spent Monday at A&E at the hospital getting his head x-rayed for potential fractures. He had a run-in with the corner of a table and cut his forehead down to the bone. However I was definitely more upset than he was. Imagine a kid with a hole in his head down to the skull, bleeding slightly, running around and playing in the waiting room for a couple hours. He’s completely fine and will probably only have a tiny scar. (They glue head wounds these days instead of using stitches and the nurse told me it does minimize scars).

11. … running away from me


Guess who’s running around the house these days? Fraser might have crawled a month later than Duncan, but he’s definitely been walking a month earlier! And with my baby walking around chasing his brother, I really do feel like time is running away from me. Where did the last few months go?

Last week was my first week back at work and the positives are minimal. I don’t have to cook lunch anymore, I get to wear nice clothes when I want to, and all in all, I basically like my job The negatives on the other hand have felt overwhelming: I miss the boys and our happy lazy mornings and both boys have been absolutely distraught at drop off and on and off throughout the morning every day. I’m sure it’ll get better – but right now I wish it was still last month and we were still spending all our time together. I never expected I’d love staying at home as much as I have, and as hard as this transition is, I feel very lucky that we’ve had such an amazing year.

And Fraser, 11 months old, drums on everything, waves, plays peekaboo, rolls balls back and forth, and loads things in and out of Duncan’s dump truck with glee. My wee baby is growing up so fast.

travelling with Fraser


As a couple, Cory and I have always loved mini-travels; those small trips a few hours from home where we see what’s beautiful close by. On a whim we’d throw a change of clothes in the car and pick a direction on the map. I’ve missed that spontaneity since having kids, the weekends where not having a plan meant adventure rather than sitting around with two bored children throwing toys across the living room. So when Cory needed to be in Lanark, about 150 miles away, for 9:30 Tuesday morning, we decided we’d all go down the night before and make a mini-holiday of it.

(Kicking a ball, eating on a picnic).

As Duncan’s grown, he’s turning into a decent traveller. He can sleep through the night in a strange bed and likes the attention of both parents. Fraser on the other hand, although absolutely adorable, doesn’t travel too well. He was up from about 3am Tuesday morning, with some brief spells of sleep, and managed to wake his brother and the inhuman hour of 5:30am. As a result, our camping trip for last night was cancelled – if he’s that bad in a hotel room, a tent could be a huge mistake.

New Lanark World Heritage Site.

We still feel like it was a worthwhile trip though as we were very impressed with the New Lanark World Heritage Site, an absolutely gorgeous spot in the spring sun. Poor D was very overtired and needed more cuddles than normal, but we did get a sense of what life was like two hundred years ago and really feel lucky to be raising our family now instead.