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three: Happy Birthday Duncan!


Are you really three? Sometimes when you’re tired and reaching up to be carried, you still feel like my wee man. But most of the time you’re running or riding your bike or telling stories and all-so-grown. I think I fall more in love with you every day, although it hardly seems possible.

We had a special day today, just the two of us. I took the day off and dropped Fraser at nursery then we went swimming and out for lunch. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to hang out with you now, and how much it felt like hanging out rather than panic parenting. The two biggest things you’ve developed this year are common sense (you’re so much more aware of your surroundings) and the gift of stories. We tell stories together, true and imaginary, share in their creation and act out their highlights. What a person you’ve growning into! How lucky and honoured I am to be your mother!

Camping with Daddy in the back garden last weekend.

the very best therapy for stress


Nine days ago Duncan managed to get a patch of contagious pus (a mild case of impetigo) that meant he and I were off work/nursery for a few days and the poor boy had to suffer through a batch of antibiotics. By Sunday, I was mentally cooked, so we hopped in the car and drove 25 miles west and spent a few hours hiking around in the heather.


Duncan started out on his bike, but that didn’t last for long. Soon enough we had both kids in the backpack and mei tai but still managed to get out of the farmland and into some gorgeous scenery with relatively little effort.


While we were having our picnic, under bright blue skies, the valley to the south was in the middle of a massive thunderstorm. It was amazing to see the storm caught in the hills and we were very thankful that we were on the right side. Fearing the rain, we decided to head for home, lead by our skilled map reader (and a very visible trail).


I could post about thirty pictures of our (small) hike last week in the Forest of Birse, but writing more than a few lines of text is another issue. It’s Friday, I had a busy week, and Cory’s working tomorrow. I think I’ll savour my glass of wine instead.

One. Happy Birthday Fraser!


I can’t believe you’re one; that my baby is now a wee boy who opened his own presents, played with his toys, and smushed his cake all over the table. Everyone who meets you comments on your abundance of personality. You love performing to an audience (shy? definitely not) and have a smile that lights up a room. We probably have the class clown on our hands (but not the class bully -you’ve been a sweetie with younger babies and are far too busy exploring to fight too hard over toys).


Are you perfect? You’re lovely, but not always easy. I’m sure if you could talk, your most common phrases would be “play with me”, “hold me tight”, and “pick me up”. Maybe in the next year as you develop some independence this will change, but at the moment you’re incredibly social and not too interested in being on your own. In this way you’re very different to your brother, who’s always wanted his own space. It may have taken us all year to finally get you sleeping on your own, instead of prefering our bed, but daddy says it’s my fault, as I said I wanted a cuddly baby this time around!

Fraser we can’t wait to see you change and grow! You really are extra wonderful and it’s an honour to be your parents. Thank you for such a brilliant year and we’re very excited about the next one!