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in the field


Where are we? Working, playing, hiring a nanny, and somehow muddling through (thanks to Jim! we’d be a mess otherwise). I’m going to be part time from now until Christmas and we’re feeling very positive about me going back to work – along with slightly overwhelmed.

Last week I was on a field course based on the gorgeous Moray coast – this was probably our most spectacular day although the rain held off for the entire week and it was a great experience. Four nights away from the boys is the longest I’ve ever been away though and it was strange. Strange how quickly you can snap back into pre-kid lifestyle – I wasn’t looking over my shoulder for them all the time like I thought I might. And strange in how present they are in my head, as well as my heart – even the experience I got out of the course was influenced by the fact that I was more motivated because I was making the sacrifice of not seeing them to be there.

back from holiday

familyphotosmallWe’re home from a two week visit back to Toronto where we visited family and friends and ate far too much food. I weighed myself – gulp – Cory’s refusing to until September at the earliest. All of us are still jet-lagged (Duncan’s awake right now at 9pm) and we’re missing family, but it’s lovely to be back in our own house. Fraser keeps saying “this is my house” with glee and I think we all feel the same way about our own beds and stuff…

We’re diving right back into work now – at twice the normal rate. I’ve got 13 days worth of work in a row which was a serious childcare nightmare. But Cory’s dad Jim has saved the day and volunteered to come and take care of the boys while I work. A quick five minutes on expedia with my credit card and thanks to Jim, we’re pretty well sorted for the next three weeks.

(Photo at the Toronto zoo & taken by Shaun – thank you!)