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This photo’s going up at work!

Things are a bit busy here now with me working three days a week and running a playgroup on Wednesday afternoons. Last term Fraser went to a playgroup without me for a couple hours, which was supposed to give me a break, but in reality after the stress of the school run I just found myself grumpy. So this term he’s going to a different playgroup with the nanny on Tuesdays which makes Wednesdays our time. So far we’ve had a coffee date, and then because I was in a horrible mood this week, a long hike around Clune woods. I try not to schedule anything so that it’s my mid-week break and this week it was brilliant. I’m amazed at how far Fraser walked and then how far I managed to carry him on my shoulders. We hunted for Gruffalo, played I-Spy for colours, and read the story trail all around the 2 mile walk – which was a lovely way to spend our two hours of free time.

I’m finding the iPhone very handy for pictures, but the quality just doesn’t compare with our new camera – but at least I do have a few happy-faced pictures from our hike.

a connected disconnect


I haven’t been on the computer in days. Not that I’ve given up on technology, stopped checking emails, and reverted to the hand-written letter – nothing so noble. I got an iPhone for my birthday. Instant email, internet, camera, gps, and even Black Beauty for Duncan and I to read on iBooks. Entertainment sorted – except I haven’t figured out how to edit the pictures I take and post them on this website yet.

Actually I haven’t made any new year resolutions yet and a good one might be to keep this website more up to date. We were spoiled by relatives this year and have a new camera (Canon G12 to replace the aging Canon G2 which is nine years old) and a new video camera (the consumer GoPro) so there should be lots more photos of the boys doing exciting outdoor things. And I should be posting them here, instead of figuring out how to put up the not-so-great iPhone photos which tend to be dominated by things like the current Brio train track configuration (we’re keeping track). Facebook? Not quite the same.

Oh and the GoPro? We’re totally inspired by Danny MacAskill although as the boys put it, they can’t ride their bikes on a house… (This should be the official visitScotland promotional video, and he’s a nice guy too – we met him at the bike festival in Aberfeldy).