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I love weekends. We’ve managed a couple good adventures recently too – climbing on fallen trees three feet off the ground (when did Fraser grow up enough to do this?) and then travelling down to Edinburgh to visit the museums and spend some time as a family. The need for a road trip, one which used to consume my thoughts pre-kids, is popping up again now that sleep isn’t so critical and the boys are more independent. This weekend might see us heading back out west towards Ballater – there’s a bike shop there that might stock the commuter bike I’m eyeing up. (And of course there’s the pubs, nice cafes, train museum, shoe shop, putting green, and ice cream place that always drag us that way).
Edinburgh was great even if the museums were a bit less of an educational experience than I’d hoped. I’d thought the boys might be old enough to learn from the exhibits but all they had was a brilliant good time. The “robots” were a huge hit (sculptures designed to represent early peoples with display cases for jewellery and other artifacts) as were buttons, displays, and computers to touch. I think I forget sometimes how young the boys are though – their attention spans are the match for their inquisitiveness.

(Photos from the iPhone look rubbish on here (previous posts) compared with the new camera but do let me update on the go which is very handy these days. I hope the frequency of updates outweighs the blurry pics).

First flowers

Fraser found them! The first flowers of 2011 – with many more poking up through the snow. This week’s Wednesday was a hunt for the sleeping flowers in the walled gardens at crathes castle.

Sunday lunch

Grumpy Mothers are greatly improved by Sunday lunches consisting of apples and oatcakes and smiling boys. I sometimes joke about the need to take the boys outside because they get out of control but really it’s to prevent me from deteriorating into a harridan. Outside = good. Even if there are tears sometimes when a certain someone is told he can’t bring home half a tree, ten pinecones, and a few half-rotten sticks. Poor thwarted Duncan.