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Red nose day

“stop wiping your face on your sleeve”

“get your chin off the sofa”

“I’m going to wash your face”

Happy Red Nose Day. My house might never be the same again. I think he might be slightly allergic to the face paint though as he does keep rubbing and scratching.

Duncan’s Summit

Clachnaben is Duncan’s first self-propelled summit and with over 400 m of elevation gain (511m in total according to this site) and a total distance of almost 6 miles, we’re pretty proud of him. The walk is actually longer now than pre-2007 due to some new trail construction but since it makes the ascent gentler, we’re thankful for it. Duncan’s legs just aren’t quite long enough and he did a lot of “slipping down on my bum” (his words) unintentionally.
As exhausting as it was, and after the first 1.5 miles I was carrying Fraser so I can vouch for being tired, Duncan only needed a bit of encouragement near the summit and on the steepest downhill bits, reviving completely for the last mile or so. We’re very proud and excited that he’s enjoyed it and is keen to go out again. I love how when he slips and falls he tends to bounce right back up again with the words “I’m alright”.

Top photo: Near the summit

Bottom, clockwise from top left: the path and view on the way down, still snow in the hollows, and that tiny bump is the granite tor from near the start of the walk – and yes, he’s walked all that way!