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going to the zoo, how about you?

The zoo was definitely the boy’s highlight of our holiday – they’ve been playing zoo at home almost constantly since we got back. It was very different to our trip to the Toronto zoo last summer; the weather wasn’t so oppressive, the boys were older, and it had a much more of a caged feel than the wide open spaces of the Toronto Zoo or the Highland Wildlife Park in Aviemore. The reptile room in particular made me feel a bit uncomfortable, thinking of Harry Potter and the glass separating the kids from the reptiles. But all of the monkeys and big cats in the cages also had a bit of an agitated feel to them, which was sort of sad, but washed right over the kids heads of course.


However the advantage of the confined spaces was that the zoo was much more accessible for two little kids – they managed to walk around the entire thing and enjoy themselves which was great. We had a wonderful day and the kids even had enough energy to be dragged into the gorgeous town of St. Aignan where Cory managed to take some fabulous pictures of the architecture and chateau. (There isn’t any children in those photos though so we wont bother to post them here – how things change.) Papa did manage to take a family photo for us – the chateau looks brilliant and with the zoom on the new camera, we’re pretty acceptable too.


(p.s. two points if you can sing the rest of the song from the post title).

we went to france

azayleferron We went to France and took over 800 pictures, only 700 of which are of the boys. We’re still unpacking but this sort of sums up what we did on holiday…

Photo: Chateau Azay Le Ferron

gone biking

IMG_0818 The boys are really enjoying mountain biking on the local trails around the house and I’ve started riding to/from work a couple times a week (it’s 11 miles and tires me out by the end of the week) so Cory’s not the only bike-obsessed member of the household. It’s just the right time of year for biking – we all want to be outside and this afternoon it was 19 degrees with bright sunshine.

(I love spring, especially now that we live here where spring is more than just two weeks of melting slush but actually continues through until October. (Summer? what’s that?)).

There’s something wrong with our installation of photoshop at the moment so editing photos isn’t going to happen but instead of spending an hour trying to sort it, I think I’ll go lie in the hammock with a beer cup of tea.

Muddy puddles and gorgeous views

New wellies require an immediate expedition to source deep puddles for gear testing. Verdict – pass. (and on sale for less than £7 at seasalt at the moment). If the walk should happen to take in some lovely river views, a chance for Fraser to get out on his bike, and a bit of sunshine then everyone’s happy.

We’ve both been busy lately at work so this is the first weekend in four weeks where we’re actually taking the day off. I can’t believe it’s only Saturday night – one more day to hang out as a family, find some puddles, and maybe get a lie-in before the week starts again. work is good, and makes weekends all the better.