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do chicks still dig scars?

scars Because if they do, Fraser’s going to be a real heartbreaker.

Normally at this time of year I post a picture of a tired dad surrounded by his kids after completing the Etape Caledonia bike race in another great time. This year I had the picture all ready to go – and then a tired Fraser was getting off his bike on the deck of the lodge we were renting and somehow pushed himself forward by mistake and down three stairs.

We ended up with a 60 minute amubulance ride to the nearest hospital as a tired toddler went into shock afterwards and basically went to sleep about five minutes after he fell – not abnormal but a bit worrying with a head injury. But he’s fine, not bad enough for plastic surgery (although had he been a girl I suspect the decision could have been different), and absolutely 100% today. He’s even been riding his bike in the garden.

we’ve done stuff

friends And not just our holiday in France, since we’ve been back we’ve been camping, mountain biking (running after the boys on their bikes) and there was this big wedding thing a couple of weeks ago. The only thing is there’s also been a lot of work to do at work so free time has involved flaking out in front of the sofa in front of the TV rather than keeping the website up to date. Oh well, sometimes life gets in the way of the internet…

There’s also lots of evening meetings and daytime visits happening here as both boys are starting new schools in August. Fraser will be at the local nursery and Duncan will be at the local primary which are unfortunately not in the same location but six miles apart. Both boys are really excited about their new schools but it does make me feel like they’re growing up though! It’ll be a bit of a juggle with me working, Cory’s having to work from home to take Duncan up to his first settling in visit later this month and our nanny will take Duncan to the second one. I’m trying hard not to feel guilty that I wont be there – for his first taste of his new school – but the only way I can work is if we truly act as equal parents and that does mean missing some of the firsts when it’s the other parent’s turn to be there.