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New routines

It’s gorgeous even when the wind blows, a left-over bit of hurricane from across the Atlantic. We had lunch at the castle and then goofed around in the gardens – Fraser’s giggles spreading to several older women sitting nearby. I love the gardens, they make up for my own lack of a green thumb, and are full of magic hidden spaces that enchant the boys. I’m hoping that there are such things as autumn crocuses though and that our summer has not been that cold.

This year is already easier on me than last year, with Duncan in school and Fraser in nursery. Two days a week I even have two hours to myself, unheard of luxury. Today I went for a bike ride and enjoyed the fabulous views, the lovely air, the feeling in my legs. We live in a beautiful spot – and I love being content.

summer’s over

cragievarWe’ve not had the best weather this summer but there were lovely days – like this one at Cragievar Castle when Grandma was here. We’re at the point where it’s fun to re-visit things with the boys as they’re old enough to enjoy them. Duncan’s still talking about the giant marbles up in the castle’s nursery…

School is settling into an almost routine and as much as the first few weeks floored us, I think Duncan’s starting to feel comfortable there. I’m amazed at the change in him and how hard he’s working. Colouring has never been his thing at all and these first few weeks have been all about colouring pictures to go with their phonics but he’s doing it in his homework with minimal parental prodding.

I’m getting a first hand understanding of how school is a much harder challenge for some kids than others. Duncan’s strengths are in maths and logic and he loves stories but he’s not strong or particularly interested in art so his fine motor skills for writing letters aren’t really there. This means he’s playing catch-up to some of the other kids as well as doing things (colouring) that he doesn’t really want to do. (Fraser on the other hand loves to colour and draw – I think he’ll find this first bit much easier.) We’ve thought a lot about it, sometimes it seems like I’ve been thinking of nothing else, and our plan with Duncan is to give him tons of positive feedback during this first few months – I’m pretty sure he’ll be self-motivated once he realizes he can read books himself.